Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Where is your office? I have watched this week as all4 of us in our house have set up our own offices here and there. We are all doing work of some sort.

I have been able to set up my office on the dining room table, working on our new tags. I cut all of the shapes before I left home, so hours have already been put into this project before I started opening the office down here in Tucson, or Marana. Today I stamped many of the pre-cuts, "aged" the edges, cut the hangers and tied them into the holes which I had punched. I really liked the results of many of the new tags. Hope you do too!

Liz has her office set up at the other end of the table. She spends a lot of time emailing friends in Russia and following the websites of Russian poetry. Yesterday was her birthday, but we are celebrating tonight. She has been receiving emails from friends in Russia for 3 days now and this afternoon a note from a long lost friend from high school came through. We joke that Liz's office is outside on the lounge chair in the sun!

Here is my husband's office, at least one of them. He also has a branch office in the hot tub and at the end of the sofa on his computer where he actually does do business. He loves golf!! I'm glad that he has a favorite sport to do with the guys so I can do what I love best. Junking and creating with my hands.

This is the view from my office window. I put this bird feed tube outside yesterday late afternoon, today they are just finding it. Last year I had up to 15 birds, usually finches of every color, hanging from the tube, fighting for a good feeding spot. I love this view!

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