Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holiday Sparkle....a Labor of Love!

Holiday Sparkle....a Labor of Love!

Christmas time is by far our favorite time of year. We just love the beautiful decorations, music and special events that make the season special. We think our show fit's just that description!

We own and produce a big holiday show and this year our theme was "Holiday Sparkle". In Oregon there are 2 styles of shows; booth or table shows, and boutique style shows. Ours is a boutique style show which means that we mix all the vendors product together and display it in themed areas. We have life size building front to help separate areas and give personality to the show. Our customers just love wondering leisurely through this magical setting. So many people have asked us about our show, so we thought it would be fun to share some photo's and our crazy journey of set up to tear down with you! It's a crazy process, but we love it! Happy Holiday's to all of you and may your day "Sparkle"!

This is how it starts...we unload the semi of props which take 6 men about 4 hours. (Don't you just love the "autographs" on our truck!). Then we build the walls and start draping tables to get ready for product delivery. The vendors unpack their product on empty tables in themes.

Then we set the bases on each table which included small furniture pieces, crates and shelves. The display process takes us four full days to complete.

This is our little Bakery or Sweet Shoppe. It always looks darling!

The Victorian area is always one of my favorites. It's so elegant!

We do a Heavenly area with wonderful angels and nativities.

There's something for everyone and every taste at our show. Here is one of our building fronts in the lodge area.

Vintage Kitchen is always popular!

The cottage area was beautiful this year with wonderful vintage china and the like.

This is our tea area. We hosted a tea every Saturday which sold out this year!

Yummy desserts! No wonder the tea sold out!

The last section our customers walk through before the check out area is the Gourmet Food section. They can taste a sample of pretty much everything...yum! We have the best vendors!

Tear down is a little faster...two days of pick up and packing and a day of loading the truck again! wonder we are tired! Thanks for letting us share our show with you.

Take 10% off your order through Christmas at just enter the word BLOG. Happy Holidays!

Eileen & Karen

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Summer Wedding Bliss

Can you believe that August is here already? Summer always seems to go too quickly. If you’re like us, you jam pack it full of everything we can possibly squeeze in! Being a floral and wedding designer, it’s an especially busy, but joyful time for me. There's nothing like a wedding to bring out the best of summer! I love working with the brides and helping them make their dream wedding a reality! My favorite part is pulling all the bits and pieces together that make each of their weddings uniquely theirs, you know…personal. I also love working with colors and flowers. Brides are getting pretty creative these days with their color combinations and are not inhibited by the old rules regarding what colors go well together. It’s all in the eye of the beholder! My wedding last weekend used bright pink, bright orange, bright lime and red. I’ve done bright weddings before, but the red accent was a first for me with this color pallet. Take a look at how it came together.The red gave it that little something extra! It was a crazy three days! It took us all day working on 12ft ladders to get the ceiling up and two full days to process and design all the floral pieces, working till late at night on last minute changes and additions. But it turned out great and my client was so happy and that’s what it’s all about to me! On my way home that night I was reflecting on the past three days and the insanity of it all. I thought to myself, “If I can deal with all that, and walk away from this feeling such tremendous joy and satisfaction, then I must have found a shoe that fits!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Celebrating Life & Grand Openings!

Today I have been cleaning our house top to bottom in preparation for the mounds of family members arriving tomorrow in celebration of my sons high school graduation. What a blessing to have them share this special time with us! I have three children, and this is our last child. Yes, next fall when my son goes off to collage we will be....oh I can't hard say the awful word, "Empty Nester's"! While cleaning the day away, my thoughts wondered back through the years and all the memories. How can a such a squirmy little kid grow up to be such a remarkable young man....and just how did the time go so fast? How blessed we have been to share a lifetime of special events with family and friends. Last summer and the one before that everyone was here for my daughters weddings. Both weddings rank at the top of my list of "favorite days". Vacations, sporting events, dance competitions and musical performances are on that list of favorites too. It seemed there was hardly a day without a performance or competition of some sort to attend. But what a blessing it has been to be an active participant in my kids lives. I wouldn't change a minute of it for all the wealth in the world. And now that the kids are grown, turn about is fair play and I am enjoying having their help with our business and understanding all this computer technology. My oldest daughter designed the graphics for our website and taught me how to use Photoshop! Teaching this old dog new tricks is a challenge at best! The other two and my husband are my biggest supporters and encourage me on those frustrating days. So while it feels a bit melancholy to transition to a new stage in life, I also realize that each stage is worth celebrating. And the advise I offer is, "no matter where your at in the process, take time to embrace each day and all the special people in your day to day life.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

As a Proud member of, Forget Me Not Dreams is excited to participate in the "Pink Diamond Event".

Every year Make Mine Pink likes to do something special to honor our valued customers, clients and friends . This year we're making Make Mine Pink history with an exciting six month contest. Starting May 1st and ending October 31st! In all, $2500 worth of fabulous pink prizes will be awarded throughout the contest with a Grand Prize of a genuine pink diamond pendant.

There are three ways to win fabulous PINK PRIZES!

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2. Spot a Make Mine Pink member wearing her pink rhinestone MMP pin as she goes about her day to day activities and get a FREE ENTRY.

3. Make a donation to your favorite women's charity. Send us a copy of the receipt and get a FREE ENTRY.

A monthly prize will be awarded for May, June, July, August and September entries with a grand prize awarded for the month of October. It's that easy!

Join us in our excitement by visiting our boutique for monthly specials and our sister's boutiques. For complete contest details, please visit

Important Links
Official Rules & Regulations
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Sign-up Form

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make your life a little pinker!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Forget Me Not Dreams Website Up and Running Soon!

After what seems like months of work, will soon be up and running! We are anxious to get started and looking forward to meeting many nice customers and friends along the way. We are excited about our new blog spot and will be sharing wonderful things here, so check back often. In the mean for our Grand Opening announcement!

See you soon!
Karen & Eileen