Thursday, December 8, 2011

Putting The Fun Back In Christmas

 I love Christmas! I'll just come right out and say it, "hands down Christmas is my favorite holiday". I LOVE the decorations and the warmth they bring into my home. I LOVE shopping for my loved ones. I LOVE the Christmas music and the all around magic that seems to be present this time of year. But I too feel the stress of all the "extra" things there are to do during this special month. I want everything to be perfect for my family and friends. So I kill myself trying to get just the right presents, the right decorations and of course all the right food. Add running two businesses on top of that and a few "Grinch" moments are bound to sneak in! I know many of us are in the same boat! It takes a little effort to focus on the fun and not the stress of Christmas. Here are a few things that seem to help me:
  • I just have to make a list! There are too many things swirling in my head to remember them all. Being able to cross something off my list just makes me feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • Do something fun everyday! We have so many "have to do's", so make sure and plan a few "get to do's" for each day. It doesn't have to be anything big, just a little something to look forward to. I love sipping a hot chocolate while I read the ads or catch up on email. I also love watching all the Christmas shows that are on! Some of those old movies are a hoot!
  • Listen to Christmas music! We have radio stations that play it non stop....sing along!
  • Make a gift for someone, or a new decoration for your home. Creating and working with my hands just does something special for me. I can't show you what I am working on because they are gifts...but you can see a few of our fun handmade Christmas goodies here on our website.
  • Reward yourself for finishing a task. While I'm out shopping or working on things at home, I allow myself a little reward here and there. All work makes life dull! Sometimes it's a candy bar to eat as I drive from store to store, sometimes curling up with my book for a few minutes, or surfing the web! Have you checked out Pintrest....I'm just getting started, but it's addicting!
  • Focus on someone who needs help. Offering service of any kind will lift your spirits.
I know there are tons of other ideas, so feel free to share what works for you. I just think this is such a special time of year, but we all need to put the FUN back in Christmas! Here's to more fun and less stress! Happy Holidays!