Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This is how we looked after our first day of travel. Whipped!! It was a long day of driving and James crashed on his bed after dinner to look for thrift store stops for tomorrow I'm sure! Are you kidding??? Actually he manages the tech problems for his company, 19 offices, and two of the branches had crashed computer systems. He was trouble shooting.

Here it is! Actual proof of his first visit to one of my small Heavens. This small Thrift store was in Willows, CA. The owner's daughter's friend, Joyce, who I met at Burger King, sent me to this delightful shop. They have hit tough times and had to close half of the store, but not to worry, we both found treasures. James was surprised to find some ration coupons in booklets from WWII and also a set of Star Wars trading cards. He was most happy to help the little troubled business the only way he knew how. A very nice man who carefully wrapped my breakables.

We drove through town a bit and really enjoyed this banner for the all town bean feed that had just been held. Sponsored by the Fire Dept. We hope it was a fun and successful event for all.

We thoroughly enjoyed talking to some of the local citizens. Did not like to hear of the depth of the economic hurt in this wonderful town. Our tank was full, so we headed out to the freeway, marveling at the poor condition of the road... holes, big cracks and wavy washboard surfaces. Tough to battle the road, wind and many big trucks. We ended up driving for 12 hours today, stopping in Palm Springs for the night.

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