Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pretty Purses!

Sorry we've been missing in action! Between Karen's vacations and my weddings, we've been on the run! Gotta love summer! Karen is just leaving on another road trip and will try to blog when she can and I'll try to share some wedding pics here in the next week so don't give up on us yet!
Be sure and stop by our site tomorrow for Pink Friday! If there's anything a girl can't have enough of it's pretty purses!A woman's purse can reveal a lot about her personality. Are you a collector of all things pretty and vintage? Perhaps a romantic summertime bag with roses and bachelor buttons is right up your alley. You can even show your "green" side with a straw handbag decorated with rescued jewelry, belts, buckles and various embellishments. Also visit the other participating shops at Make Mine Pink!

Hope your all having a fun and BUSY summer too!


Eileen & Karen

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Christmas In July Shop Hop Is Coming! Get Registered!

Are you ready for the next Shop Hop? If you've ever participated in a Make Mine Pink Shop Hop, you know they are a blast to play and many wonderful prizes could be YOURS! Take a look at our daily specials and use the link below to register!

Monday - Half Price SHIPPING
Tuesday - 20% off your order over $25(before shipping)
Wednesday - $10 FMND gift certificate with every purchase
Thursday-FREE gift with every purchase.
Friday - Half off your total shipping fee.
Saturday - Half off one item from our Friday Flea Market Category with purchase from another category.
Sunday - 20% off your entire purchase over $50(before shipping)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An English Cottage

The English cottage was introduced by British aristocrats who admired the simple beauty of the homes of farmers and craftsmen. These nobles hired architects to design similar buildings for them. The English cottage soon became popular with the general population, especially in North America, because its small scale made it more accessible.

Today, the country charm of an English cottage can be created in any home, not just those with thatched roofs and ivy covered walls.

The windows of an English cottage are often decorated with delicate lace curtains or a floral fabric, like cabbage rose print. A cozy window seat provides a perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea in the china cup passed down from a grandmother.

On the walls of an English cottage hang framed nature prints or memories preserved in vintage frames. A bird tin wall plaque, a collection of framed vintage postcards, or a carefully stitched sentiment, are equally at home here. Favorite family photos in antique frames might hang in the hall, a vintage framed mirror in the entranceway.

The cottage cupboard is an essential element of the English cottage and is used for storage or to display a collection of treasures. On its shelves you might find a glass vase painted with pink roses, an antique English teapot with plum flowers, or a vintage cottage plate. This is the place to store the embroidered tea towels from your mother or the vintage pure white linens you bring out for special occasions.

Outside in the cottage garden, you'll find colorful blooms and roses, or ivy that climbs trellises and arbors. Homemade bird houses wrought iron bird baths, welcoming garden statues, and sweet garden plaques create a cottage feel here too.

With cottage touches in just the right places, the simple beauty of a country cottage can live anywhere, not just in the English countryside.

Join us for Pink Friday at Forget Me Not Dreams and Make Mine Pink.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Our next Show.... It's Here!!

Wow!! The next show of the summer has arrived already. There wasn't time
to recover from the Farm Chicks before we started packing up again. Good
thing we were able to shop on the way home from Spokane.

Here we are, loading up again! We should have this down to a science by
now, but it always takes forever. Getting it all into the truck is like
a giant Tetrus game. We try to get everything pulled outside, weather
permitting, and the chosen ones up on the truck point at or yell out the
size and shape of packable item that they need.

Now you can't beat this for tight! We were lucky to get the back door of
the truck shut! Where does all of this stuff come from?!

Here we are in the midst of unloading the truck at the Expo Antiques Show.
It's a huge show. We have decided to stay outside in the elements, rain, heat,
wind and this year a special surprise on Sunday... thunderstorms. Ride those

After unloading the truck completely, and setting up the "skeleton" of the
booth, the foundation tables and other furniture pieces, we are left with
"The Mess". At this particular show, you are only allowed to set up your
furniture and unload your vehicles on Thursday.

More of "The Mess". Tomorrow morning at 8:00, we are allowed to rush to our
booth to start wading through the packed totes, boxes and baskets. This is
the catch... at the same time, the public is allowed to spend an extra amount
of entry fee to enter and actually go through our boxes if they are not un-
packed. It is absolute chaos. Actually this year, we are hoping to see a
crowd. In any case, we are assigning one of us to be our own private security

More news tomorrow night to let you see how we survived!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weekly Savings

Hope you all had a wonderful & safe 4th of July!

Safeway 7/8 - 7/14

***Load coupons right on to your club card! Go here to get started!
Here's some FAQ on the e-coupons

Cellfire, Shortcuts & P&G eSAVER are 3 companies that have coupons you can load on to your club card! GREAT ways to get more savings because you can use these “e-coupons” WITH mfg or IP coupons AND a doubler!! WOO-HOO! Some of these even duplicate! For example, Cellfire might have a $.50/1 Betty Crocker frosting coupon & might also have a $.50/1 coupon for the same item. If you also have a $.50 mfg & use a $.50 double, you already have $2 off the price of a tub of frosting!! Best part is, you can get the overage! Example of overage is if the tub of frosting only costs $1.50, you’ll be able to use the FULL $2 in savings on it & then will be able to apply the $.50 “overage” to the rest of your shopping order! Great way to get things you need (milk, eggs, meat, produce, etc.) that you might not have coupons for at a discounted price!!

Clean Up & Save Big Promotion: Buy any 3, get them for $4.99 each through July 14

Charmin on sale $4.99
Use $.25/1 coupon from 6/7 P&G insert
Use $.25/1 coupon from P&G eSAVER program
Use Safeway double (-$.25)
$4.24 after coupons & double

Bounty on sale $4.99
Use $.25/1 coupon from P&G eSAVER program
$4.74 after coupon

Bounce on sale $4.99
Use $.50/1 coupon from P&G eSAVER program
$4.49 after coupon

Brawny on sale $4.99
Use $1/1 coupon from 6/21 RP insert
Use Safeway double (-$.50)
$3.49 after coupon & double

Tide Detergent on sale $4.99
Use $1/1 coupon from 7/5 P&G insert
Use Safeway double (-$.50)
$3.49 after coupon & double

Thanks to FrugalLivingNW for these deals as well.

Rite Aid 7/5 - 7/11

First time listing deals for Rite Aid since I just started shopping there. Don’t know why I waited so long! They have SOME awesome deals on things I need.

Here’s a $5/$25 coupon that is good thru the end of July. It doesn’t state on the coupon that it is AFTER mfg coupons, so get your total over $25, use mfg coupons to get it lower & then this coupon to get your total even lower!

A few things about Rite Aid:

1) You can use a mfg coupon WITH a Rite Aid coupon. Example: They have a $4 RA (Rite Aid) Zyrtec coupon that can be used WITH the $4 Zyrtec mfg coupon to give you $8 savings.

2) They have a Single Check Rebate (SCR) system. You can use multiple receipts (unless stated otherwise on the rebate) to meet the criteria & just submit them on-line. SUPER easy & a great way to use coupons with a rebate to maximize your savings! Some of their rebates double/triple dip! For example, Huggies diapers/pull-ups do this month! There is a rebate for buy 5 packs get 1 free & another rebate for a $25 gc wyb $50 worth of Kimberly Clark items (Huggies is one of their products!). So here’s a deal I’ve been doing to get cheap Pull-Ups:

2-Pull Ups ($11.49ea...reg price)
1-Pampers Cruisers ($
Total: $31.97
-$5 ($5/$25)
-$6 (2*$3/1 PullUp IP **)
-$2 ($2/1 Pampers 7/5 PG)
OOP $18.97

Then, do this:
3-Pull Ups ($11.49ea...reg price)
Total: $34.47
-$5 ($5/$25)
-$9 (3*$3/1 PullUp IP **)
OOP $20.47

Here's the breakdown:
Pay $39.44 OOP
Get $25 gc wyb $50 of Kimberly Clark items
Get voucher for one free Pull-Up (wyb 5 packs)
Get $2 SCR for PampersGet $3.75 from Caregivers Marketplace (or $4.50 wyb your "free" 6th pack with rebate) $7.94 (or $1.13/pack!!) for 1 pack of Pampers diapers & 6 packs of Pull-Ups!

**If you don’t have access to more than one computer to print multiple $3 IP Pull-up coupons, there was a $2 mfg coupon in the 6/14 SS. Your net OOP would be $10.94 (or $1.56/pack)…still good for Pull-Ups/diapers!


**Check the clearance health & beauty aid stuff…I found L’Oreal HIP lip products 75% off making them $2.25 & $2.50. There was a $2/1 coupon from 6/14 SS. The best part is, wyb $13 worth, you can submit for a $5 SCR!! So a money maker!!

Renu Travel Pack on sale $1
Use $1/1 coupon
FREE after coupon

Rolaids on sale $1
Use $1/1 coupon from 6/7 RP insert
FREE after coupon

Kotex Lightdays Pantiliners on sale $1
Use $1/1 coupon
FREE after coupon

Dry Idea Deodorant on sale BOGO (2/$4.49)
Buy 2
Use (2) $2/1 coupons
$.25 each after coupons when you buy 2

Suave Hair Care on sale $.99
Buy 2
Use $1/2 coupon from 5/17 RP insert
$.49 each after coupon when you buy 2

Tums on sale $1
Buy 2
Use $1/2 coupon from 6/28 SS insert
$.50 each after coupon when you buy 2

Edge Shaving Gel on sale $1
Use $.75/1 coupon from 5/17 SS insert
$.24 after coupon

Pampers Wipes on sale $1.99
Use $.50/1 coupon from 7/5 P&G insert
$1.49 after coupon

Colgate Toothpaste on sale $1 with weekly ad coupon
Use $.75/1 coupon from 6/28 SS insert
$.25 after coupons


Crest Pro Health Toothpaste on sale $2.59
Buy 1, Get $1.84 Single Check Rebate (SCR) #144
Use $.75/1 coupon from 7/5 P&G insert
FREE after coupon & rebate

Children's Feverall on sale $1
Buy 1, Get $1 SCR #85
FREE after rebate

BeKool Soft Gel Sheets on sale $1
Buy 1, Get $1 SCR #88
FREE after rebate

Finesse Haircare Products on sale $3
Buy 2, Get $4 SCR #127
Use (2) $.75/1 coupons from 5/17 SS insert
$.25 each after coupons & rebate when you buy 2

Sally Hansen Nail Enamel on sale $1.99
Buy 1, Get $1 SCR #140 (limit 2)
Use $.50/1 coupon from 6/28 RP insert
$.40 after coupon & rebate

Gillette Venus Razor on sale $7.99
Buy 1, Get $5 SCR #142
Use $2/1 coupon from 7/5 P&G insert
$.99 after coupon & rebate

Oral B Pulsar or Cross Action Toothbrush on sale $5.99
Buy 1, Get $4 SCR
Use $1/1 coupon from 7/5 P&G insert
$.99 after coupon & rebate

Nivea Lip Care on sale $2.99
Buy 1, Get $2 SCR #141
$.99 after rebate

Anti-Monkey Butt Powder on sale $4.99
Buy 1, Get $4 SCR #27
$.99 after rebate

No Doz on sale $5.99
Buy 1, Get $5 SCR #28
$.99 after rebate

Pampers or Underjams on sale $8.99
Buy 1, Get $2 SCR #46
Use $1/1 (for Baby Dry) or $2/1 (Cruisers) coupon from 7/5 P&G
$5.99 or $4.99 after coupon & rebate

Carmex Lip Balm on sale $.99
Buy 3, Get $1 SCR #89
$.66 each after rebate when you buy 3

Thanks to FrugalLivingNW for these deals as well.


Sign Up

This is a great program to sign up for. It's a way to get a "rebate" check for items you may buy anyway. I mentioned it above for the Huggies deal I posted. For every pack of Huggies diapers/pull-ups you purchase, you'll get $.75 back! All you have to do is sign up, send your receipts in and get your check! It's THAT easy! Here are some of the other brands that will give you money back:

Comfort Personal Cleansing
Gold Bond
Nature Made
Super Poligrip

Happy savings!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shades Of Red White and Blue

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday July 3, 2009 as we present "SHADES of RED –WHITE and BLUE!"

Shades of red, white or blue remind me of 4th of July parties and fireworks and special times with family and friends. Vintage aprons, adorned with red roses against what was once a vivid blue, now slightly worn with time. Blue and white checked linens - once grandmother's finest, still carrying traces of the 4th of July picnics I had as a child. Pale blue Depression glass against the finest white tablecloth, topped with a white milk glass vase and filled with the summer flowers. On the wall, a white French farmhouse shelf displays white china hand painted with red and blue buds.
Adding a little color to your table, shades of red, white and blue can turn any meal into a celebration. Blue and white Italian place settings against a red tablecloth. An angel food cake atop a favorite white cake stand, topped with fresh summer blueberries and strawberries. Red sugar-coated candies in a white candy dish hand painted with blue forget-me-nots. Hanging nearby, white and blue checked kitchen towels decorated with shiny red apples.
Placed somewhere you didn't expect, red, white and blue can create a burst of color in any corner. Red roses on canvas and hung on a freshly painted blue wall. A piece of broken china jewelry - tiny blue and red roses against pure white china. A white lace sun catcher, with a red and blue design, hanging in the window. In the guest bathroom, a blue tissue box holder painted with white and red flowers. Tucked into a corner of your purse, a blue hanky trimmed with red and embroidered with white daisies. And dangling from your wrist, a bracelet made of cinnabar, turquoise beads and bone.

For a special touch of whimsy, plug in 4th of July light bulbs in red, white and blue. Use a white table runner with appliqu├ęd blue rabbits and red rose buds. Display faux strawberries dipped in white chocolate placed in a blue cake box that looks pretty enough to eat. You can wear a soldered charm of red breasted robins against an azure sky, sprinkled with white German glass glitter or write on the white pages of a notebook decorated with red roses and blue ribbons. With shades of red, white and blue surrounding us, celebrations of life can happen any day.