Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Day Of Great Intentions....

This morning I woke up to beautiful Tucson blue skies and walking outside onto the patio, realized that it was warm already. There were 6 little finches on my feeder sock already! A good day.

My plans were made, I took out fabric to make some springtime potholders, aprons and patchwork place mats. OO-ooo this was exciting, starting to unload the bags of fabric, set up the machine, visualize what patterns would go together. OK, I left my handwritten instructions at home, but I have made enough of these to wing it. Nope! The mentalpause brain demands dominion.

All of the supplies that I left down here after our stay last year are under our bed. I am missing the thermal lining and the Warm and Natural to sandwich inside the potholders. Bummer! No quilting of the inner square either. My day will be spent ironing pieces wrinkled during travel and maybe cutting the tops and some hangers. Don't you just hate that, when your plans are all messed up by a few missing pieces?

How could I forget the absolute joy of finishing the taxes? A few hours were spent on that delightful job until it was completed. None too early!

Tomorrow I will take the drive to town to buy my missing ingredients and then get to work!!

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