Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Join Us For Easter Memories

I can still remember the excitement of my childhood Easters. It began Easter morning when we awoke early, anticipating surprises that we knew had magically arrived. We were never disappointed.Then, after church, our annual Easter egg hunt would begin. Each of the children was given an empty basket and sent to fill it with as many more magical treats as we could.
Rainbow-colored eggs filled with candies and toys were hidden in plain sight, just waiting to be discovered. We would hunt alongside our family and friends, squealing with pleasure at each others discoveries. Then we raced to see who could reach the next treasure first. Later on, after the family dinner, there was always a special surprise for the adults, too.

Today, I still feel that flutter of excitement when spring arrives with all its joys. Among them is the yearly challenge of creating the perfect Easter table for my family and friends. No longer do I hunt for chocolates and candy treats. Now my treasures are cherished pieces of antique china and colorful table linens. Whimsical and often unexpected decorative pieces add the finishing touches. Vintage tea cups or antique tins for the women, and perhaps antique shaving mugs for the men, grace the entry table. The perfect little Easter baskets, there is one for each guest to take home with them after the celebration.

Artistic tags, crafted from beautiful papers, let you know which treat is yours. The altered art tags with special embellishments are as charmingly unique as each of the recipients and are a treasure all by themselves.

Inside the baskets, you might find hand poured soaps that smell as beautiful as they look, handmade charms to be worn on a bracelet or necklace, floral stationery too beautiful to write on, vintage silver cuff links for a special man. Your heart feels a familiar flutter of excitement when you discover the delights that were chosen just for you. Join us at Forget Me Not Dreams and Make Mine Pink this Friday for an Easter themed shopping event! Here you'll always find the perfect treasures to remind friends and family of their favorite memories, and to create new ones they will savor.

Written by:
Joyce Lucas,
Founder Make Mine Pink


limo hire said...

Looking so cute..

Lynn said...

Easter meant corsage from my wonderful father. In fact, I did a post on March 23 for my friends birthday and it just happened to be Easter 1953 with our Easter coats and hats and corsages. Then there was Church and Easter baskets and the big family gathering for dinner. What I love about Florida and being on the Gulf Coast are the sunrise services we attend. Watching the sun come up behind the cross always takes my breath away. Hopefully it won't rain like it did last year.
Love those cute chicks.