Thursday, August 2, 2007

Summer Wedding Bliss

Can you believe that August is here already? Summer always seems to go too quickly. If you’re like us, you jam pack it full of everything we can possibly squeeze in! Being a floral and wedding designer, it’s an especially busy, but joyful time for me. There's nothing like a wedding to bring out the best of summer! I love working with the brides and helping them make their dream wedding a reality! My favorite part is pulling all the bits and pieces together that make each of their weddings uniquely theirs, you know…personal. I also love working with colors and flowers. Brides are getting pretty creative these days with their color combinations and are not inhibited by the old rules regarding what colors go well together. It’s all in the eye of the beholder! My wedding last weekend used bright pink, bright orange, bright lime and red. I’ve done bright weddings before, but the red accent was a first for me with this color pallet. Take a look at how it came together.The red gave it that little something extra! It was a crazy three days! It took us all day working on 12ft ladders to get the ceiling up and two full days to process and design all the floral pieces, working till late at night on last minute changes and additions. But it turned out great and my client was so happy and that’s what it’s all about to me! On my way home that night I was reflecting on the past three days and the insanity of it all. I thought to myself, “If I can deal with all that, and walk away from this feeling such tremendous joy and satisfaction, then I must have found a shoe that fits!