Friday, June 8, 2012

Farm Chicks Wrap Up

I thought I'd share just a few more photos of The Farm Chicks show. It was truly a great year!
Loved Lipstick Gypsy's booth this year!
One of my favorite floral displays! Gorgeous!
A Fun booth done by Roost
John Bob has the best junk!
This isn't a great photo of Tina & Marylou, but they have the cutest handmade hats on!
These two, Susan and Shirley are some of my favorite customers. Every year they do something so fun! They are a great example of the kind of customers that make this show a blast to do. We feel so blessed to be part of this special show! Did you visit Farm Chicks this year? What was your favorite thing?
Eileen & Karen

Thursday, June 7, 2012

More Farm Chicks

Here are more Farm Chick photos I promised to post! Karen and I snapped a quick pic of us together in front of our booth before the crowd hits.

This is our Garden/Rustic display. I wish I had taken a before and after photo. By Sunday there was very little of this stuff was crazy!
This is our Vintage Paris display. It turned out so cute, this photo doesn't really do it justice. It was so fun to see the furniture pieces that we restored be loved and purchased! This sweet little blue cupboard was one of the first to go.
Serena always does a fun over the top theme display in the front of the show.
I loved this display!
We LOVED our neighbors this year. Elaine and Becky are new to the show and we became fast friends. They had a really cool booth. Don't you love this wall of lockers! Love, love it!

One more Farm Chicks post coming!
Eileen & Karen

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Farm Chicks Day 2

Oh my goodness, holy wow! Farm Chicks was awesome this year! We can't thank Serina enough for a great show. It seems that it just gets better and better! I have lots of great pics and stories to share but just a few tonight....I am exhausted and can't hardly keep my eyes open! So here are a few of my favs!
This is Funky Junk Jennifer. Such a unique idea!
Another great display idea!
 Lisa from A Thing For Roses always does such a nice job.
 She and Karen pose for a pic!
Amy and Kris of Farm And Frills always do a killer booth too. We are excited for their new store opening in a few weeks! Best of luck ladies! I have so much more to post, but my pillow is calling....actually screaming! More latter!
Eileen & Karen

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Farm Chicks Show - Move In

We are here, we are here, WE ARE HERE!!! It's so exciting! We arrived in Spokane yesterday after a fun but tiring 7 hour drive (ok, so Karen made it in 6...lead foot!) Today we moved into the building and set up our booth. We were talking with vendors around us about how cool it is to walk into a totally empty room in the morning and by the end of the day, it's transformed into a junk wonderland! I thought I'd get a jump on showing you some of our displays and our neighbors displays.
This is Sound Sister, our neighbors across from us! Nice people from the Puget Sound.
 Salvage Sisters from Kalispell MT! They are behind us.
Antiquarian from here in Spokane. They are across our other isle. Cool light fixture!
And here is a sneak peak at our booth. We have the finishing touches to add in the morning right before the craziness begins!  I may not be able to get around for more photos until Sunday so stay tuned! Leave us a comment and let us know you stopped by!
Eileen & Karen