Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We had high winds last night and rain this afternoon. The birds are flocking to my feeder sock, eating their fill. A big red tinted finch showed up yesterday, dominating my little yellow babies.

I spent a few hours today on a trip to JoAnn's to get my Insul-Brite and Warm and Natural. While browsing in the Green hued section, I struck up a conversation with an older east Indian woman. We both agreed that finding greens that blended well was a difficult project. We continued to talk and browse, discovering that we are both quilters, love to sew and do hand work. Her daughter arrived, we wished each other luck in the hunt and parted ways. When they were several feet away, I heard the daughter ask her mom if she knew me. "No" was her answer, "but through the heart we are friends. We both know quilting." I smiled and thought, she's so right. We do know parts of each other's hearts, we love quilting! The daughter was then telling her mother that she had to teach her grand daughter to sew and quilt before she went home (to India).

Moving to the pink/red section, I found a Hispanic mother and daughter shopping team, speaking in Spanish, so I couldn't catch but a few words. But like the Indian mom and daughter (who also lapsed into Indian at times) they were comparing fabrics and patterns. More projects.
In the batting area, I found a Chinese mom and daughter handling the decorator fabrics and just chirping away in Mandarin. So happy to be together. Mom was dressed in the traditional Chinese silk "pajama" look, beautiful and elegant. The daughter, also beautiful was wearing American garb. I wish I knew what kind of project they were discussing. It appeared to be intricate as they had many rolls of fabric out on the table, pantomiming cutting smaller pieces.

What a wonderful experience! I so enjoyed seeing the connection between women and their crafts, the work of their hands and how generations and even cultures can be brought together, minds and hearts, through the common love of fabric, quilting, sewing and just sharing ideas.
Thank you for being part of my world of handwork, fabric and handcrafting!!

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Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Ohhh I just love what you wrote ~ that is so very true :)