Thursday, March 11, 2010


Our last day on the road. Yesterday's 12 hour drive was a killer! Today may be about the same. My allotted Thrift store happened early this morning with little to no luck. Now my hopes are pinned on the treasure hunt in Tucson. Still windy today and lots of trucks and RVs on the road.

We followed this great Bimbo truck for miles through a construction zone. We couldn't see around, over, under or through the truck, so why not? .... take a picture! My grand daughter would love the little bear!

We drove through the incredible farm land of central California. It was incredibly green with the rains from an El Nino winter and spring. We marveled at the number of different crops that covered hundreds of acres and just as many miles. Fruit trees, cattle, wheat, vineyards and crops being harvested and some just planted. Soil that is black with nutrients and fertility. We come from beautiful farm country in Oregon, but this is so far beyond what we are used to. Amazing!

Another view of fruit trees in the midst of grazing fields for cattle. In the distance are new plantings of trees and grapes. Stockyards were also evident, visible to the eye and identifiable by the nose too!

The drought of the past years seems to have ended this year. Irrigation canals are full, fanning out in serpentine patterns, winding through the fields bringing the quenching and life giving water to fields throughout the valley. The rich greens of new growth is beautiful.
Tonight, after a calming rest just watching TV, another storm is rolling into our little mountainside community. The wind is howling and rain is slamming into the back windows, pounding onto the roof. It's a tranquil sound to me, sounds of home. In Arizona, sounds of life and gratitude for water that has been in short supply. Tomorrow will bring the sun again and the temperatures will slowly climb. Our guests from home will love it. I am thankful for a safe trip and a wonderful time spent with my son. We promised to do it again, just to be together. When babies are a bit older, my daughter-in-law and I can take some time to have a girls' getaway and have some fun together too. How blessed I am for such a wonderful family!

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