Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yes, it's finally here....We are excited to announce the opening of our HALF PRICE SALE! Great stuff at great prices so jump on over and get it while the getting is good!While your there, don't miss the MMPink Friday Event listings! The theme this week is Along The Garden Path! We have some garden and patio half price listings in our MMPink Friday category as well! Be sure to visit the other shops on Friday at MMP.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grandma Time Is The Best!

Both Karen and I have been enjoying some much needed "Grandma/Mom time" this week! My daughter and grandson were here visiting for the week! It was just the best! I can't believe how much Bradley has grown since I saw him last! He just about the cutest little thing ever! What a sweet little personality! I know Karen feels the same way about her Grandkids! My other daughter is having a boy in October so we are so excited about that! Being a Grandma is the best!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Drum Roll Please~ Farm Chicks Giveaway Winner!

Oh dear, I'm a bit late announcing our winner today! My Daughter and Grandson just arrived from Atlanta so I had to have a little bit of Gma time! Oh he's just the cutest thing ever!

Ok....Drum roll please! Our random number generator picked the lucky number 7 and our winner is Shabbyloft! Congratulations Shabbyloft! We'll need to get your mailing address so we can get your cookbook in the mail! Woo Hoo!

Thanks so much to everyone who left comments, followed and joined our newsletter. It was so fun to share our Farm Chicks adventures will all of you! We have a great 1/2 price sale just around the corner so being on our newsletter list will pay off! Have a wonderful week!


Eileen & Karen

Friday, June 11, 2010

Farm Chicks~More Display Pics

Everyone has been asking for more pics of Farm Chicks. I didn't get out of the booth much but here are more pics of our displays. We got so many compliments on our booth so I guess we did OK! This cute little shabby rack was one of the first things to sell!
I loved this section! We pulled it together with the vintage silver and milk glass.
It all looked great together!
Our Cottage section looked so cute this year. Here is a pic of one of our pink shelves.
We sold a ton of Candylights this year. We used Karen's new display piece and large jars to reflect the colors of the lights. It worked like a charm!
One more of my pocket pillows. They were sure a hit!

We'll be announcing the winner of our Farm Chicks Cookbook on Monday so you have just a few more days to enter! Remember you get one entree for leaving a comment, and one each for following us on Facebook, our Blog Follow and one for signing up for our newsletter! Who wouldn't want to win this awesome prize! Good luck to all of you! See you on Monday!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Farm Chicks Favorite Vendor Displays

Honestly I didn't have much time to get out of the booth and wander around. I know there was some wonderful booths in the other bays, but I just didn't get over there much. These two booths I thought were fantastic. Kristin of Sophias was across for us. Her booth looked fabulous and wow did she ever sell a ton! Congratulations Kristin!

I can't find my vendor list so I don't even know who to give credit to for this booth. (I'll keep looking) It was located in the front of the middle bay near the Milk Truck! Anyway...isn't it cool! She focused on a wedding theme! Too cute! Our blog giveaway ends on Monday so be sure and enter with a comment!

More display pics tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Farm Chicks~ The Trip Back Home

Yesterday was the big travel day back home. We were just to exhausted to make it all the way on Monday. After dealing with the truck (long story) and stopping at the bank to deposit our was late in the day. We were only a half hour from Coeur d'Alene and decided to have lunch together before the rest of our group traveled on to Montana!
This is the Coeur d'Alene Resort. I've never stayed there, but it's a gorgeous building!
Karen and I in front of the Moose statue on Main Street!

We made it as far as Yakima WA and decided to crash for the night. Tuesday we wound our way home through every kind of terrain possible.
My favorite was the vast farmlands though. Here you can see a tiny bit of Mount Adams in the background of the beautiful valley. Just gorgeous!
Be sure and enter our Farm Chicks Blog Giveaway. Check back a couple of days for all the details. In the next few days we'll share more Farm Chicks pics and end with our Giveaway winner on Monday!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Farm Chicks~Favorites

We are on the road today...winding our way back home. Not sure if we'll make it by tonight or take a bit more time to enjoy the trip home and do a little visiting of family along the way. We'll see where the road takes us and touch bases when we get there. So be sure and leave a comment to be entered in our great blog giveaway!

But we had to share just a couple more pics from Farm Chicks. This was kind of funny...There are three bays in the fairground building and like we said in an earlier blog, we were swamped the first day of the show and hardly had time to even go to the bathroom, let alone get into either of the other rooms. We kept hearing announcements that said this or that was taking place at "the Cake". Finally we got to check it out and see this wonderful junk version of "the Cake!!

We also loved the Antique Carnation Delivery truck! It was such a fun display to greet customers as they came in the door! Just one more reason to love doing the Farm Chicks show. Be sure and leave a comment and you'll be entered in our great blog giveaway...a Farm Chicks Cookbook!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Farm Chicks Day Two~ Meet Our Friends

It was day two at Farm Chicks today...a bit slower pace when compared to the fast paced craziness of opening day! We had a little more time today to take turn getting out of the booth for a few minutes here and there. We managed to catch Serena...the owner and promoter of The Farm Chicks. She graciously signed our copy of her cookbook for our blog giveaway...woo hoo! We enjoyed visiting with her for a few minutes!

We also had the honor of meeting Jo Packham of Where Women Create! We have loved her magazine for years and it was really fun to have her sign our ad. What a great lady!

And finally but certainly not last, we were able to meet Cindy of Angel Heart Designs. She also belongs to the network Make Mine Pink! It was such a pleasure to meet all of you and we so enjoyed talking with each of you! Remember to leave a comment to be entered in our BLOG Giveaway! More Farm Chicks pics tomorrow!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Farm Chicks Giveaway!!!

Today was AWESOME! It was truly an amazing day! The line of customers waiting to get in the show was longer than ever before! Thankfully there was no rain today! We had such a fun time meeting and visiting with our customers! What a nice crowd!

Here is a pic of our booth and the "crowd" full you could hardly get around!

And a pic of what the isles! Like I said, "It was awesome"!
We did grab a few minutes late this afternoon to go by The Farm Chicks booth and see all Serena's goodies for sale. We own the first it and thought it would make a really special giveaway for this really special occasion! So we'll try to get Serena to sign it tomorrow too! Cool!!! We just know our winner will love The Farm Chicks In The Kitchen Cookbook too! All you have to do is leave us a comment, but we'd love for you to follow us or join our newsletter group too. Just let us know in your comment and you'll get an extra entree for doing so! We'll leave the contest open for several day so leaving a comment on any Farm Chick related blog counts! Good Luck!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Farm Chicks...Rain Chicks!

Today was move in/set up day at Farm Chicks which is allot of work, but we always manage to make it fun! But holy was pouring down buckets of rain while we were unloading the truck! Thankfully the walkway into the building was covered, but by the time you walked from the truck to the were drenched!

Our staging at home helped us get our props and base pieces in place so that was good. We had to wait and wait to put up our back wall while they worked on our phone line and set out the power boxes. The Jeopardy theme song was running through my head... It was a bit frustrating to loose precious time!

We have one booth less than last year, so it feels pretty squishy. But we are excited and ready for the masses tomorrow! Farm Chicks is such a fun show!

Here is a peek at a new product for us....Pocket pillows! \Tomorrow we'll be doing a little of our own shopping! We are going to do a Farm Chicks Blog Giveaway! The prize will be revealed tomorrow night, but it will be something totally fun and Farm Chick related! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on any day while we are here at Farm Chicks! So take two seconds and let us know you've dropped by!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Farm Chicks! On The Road

Today was the big travel day! Eight hours on the road! We decided you can see allot of "stuff" in that many hours in the car! We love driving out the Gorge. Here is one of the many Dams we passed. Last year on our way here, we passed many huge semi's carrying one propeller for the many wind turbines being placed to capture the famous Gorge winds. We can't believe how huge one propeller is! As we wound our way a little further into farm country in rural Washington we were a bit surprised and disappointed to see so many wind turbines dotting the farms. Seems like the farmers have had to switch to becoming "wind farmers" to make ends meet. It a good thing for them, and also to create sustainable energy, but a bit sad to see the beauty of the farmland change. We rolled into Spokane just in time to meet Karen's family for dinner at "Chaps" What a fun and funky place. They has a special "Farm Chicks" sign out in front of their restaurant so of course we had to take pics. This is Karen's niece Stephanie, Karen and me (Eileen). The decor was so fun...western with a funky girly twist! We loved the little boys western wear hanging in the entree

and this pink dresser display! Too much fun! Well, time to get to work pricing and finishing all the projects that need a this or a that. Tomorrow will be move in and set up day! Woo Hoo...or Yee Haw...which ever the case may be!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Farm Chicks...Let the Adventure Begin!

The Farm Chicks Antique Show is almost here! We are so excited and anxious to get on the road! But first things first! This show has a one day set up, so it's crucial that we go in with a plan and know what we are doing. So today we staged our base pieces for our booth. We have three booths this year so it's a bit more of a squeeze than last years four booth space. This is our center focal display. We feature Rustics at this show!

And this is the side and back corner Cottage area.

Can't wait to add all the smalls and great rustic pieces we have to sale! Promise to show pics of the finished displays! After finishing the basic set up, we took pictures and got busy loading the truck! See our stack and stacks of bins loaded with goodies! Woo Hoo! Farm Chicks here we come! We'll be on the road for a bit so our next post will be Thursday night!