Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday: One Mission Accomplished

YES!! Finally, the plateau has been crossed and the downhill "climb" is back on track. 10 pounds finally lost. What a battle! The treadmill seems to have been the missing link for this part of the game. This week I will add the 3 pound weights. I have weaned myself off of Diet Coke and onto water flavored with the little Crystal Light packets that come in all different flavors. They are only 5 calories per packet and really have increased my water intake. I had a Diet Coke with a Southwest Chop salad for dinner tonight and it really didn't even taste good. Wow! I'm trying to remember to eat a protein bar in the afternoon with a piece of fruit and it really helps with the 4:00 binge, the one where you can't make it to dinner, or if you do, you just aren't hungry because you are full of junk. Yep. Biggest Loser is my new favorite show. My skinny husband goes upstairs to watch the other TV. But, he's happy for my new weight loss.
Talk to you next week!
God's Blessings

Our First Spring Show

We had to scramble to deliver our first Spring show yesterday, Brookhaven.
This is a photo of the old grange next door to the new grange where the show
is held every spring and fall. Lynette and her mom, the owners, do such a
great job of introducing the new spring colors in separate areas and vignettes
throughout the 2 floors of the building. It really does give the spirit a lift from
the gray and rainy days that don't seem to end here in the Pacific Northwest.
At least we don't have the flooding! Anyway, we took our dwindling antique
collection, our new paper line, our chocolate bunnies and chicks (big hit!) and
jewelry, so now we're crossing our fingers for great sales.

Remember to check our site for this week's Pink Friday sale! Marie Antoinette
with all of her style and grandeur.

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Celebrating Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette was young, tall, blonde and beautiful and she set fashion trends through France and Europe. She was nicknamed "Madame Deficit" or "Queen of Debt” because the Queen spent lavishly on her dress and adornments, exceeding annually her clothing allowance (her overruns always covered by her devoted husband Louis). Her flip remark “Let them eat cake” (attributed to her, but never confirmed) was the spark that ignited the French Revolution. Today, we simply cannot get enough of “Marie”Only 15 when she married the crown prince of France, the dauphin. France was then the most powerful nation of continental Europe, and the royal palace at Versailles the most opulent. She became Queen of France while still a teen. Her excessive fashions for high headdresses, plumes and voluminous dresses were subject to public comment, admiration and ridicule. At Versailles, the Queen also spent lavishly on her friends and on her entertainment. She held frequent gambling parties, masquerade balls and danced all night long.To escape the formalities, boredom, and royal obligations of court, Marie-Antoinette created a private realm of pleasure for herself and her friends at the Petit Trianon, a small retreat palace on the grounds of Versailles, and Hameau, where she planted the first Anglo-Chinese garden; collected all species of antique roses; and revolutionized architecture and gardening trends. It was so much her escape that the King was reported only to have visited her there a few times.So why do we love Marie Antoinette today? All her extravagance, her life of excess, her hairstyles that were larger than life, her reported love of pastries and champagne (some truth and some fiction as Marie was a teetotaler) all create for us a time and place where a young girl can be Queen. Marie Antoinette has become a real inspiration. Join the shops at Make Mine Pink as we celebrate the lifestyle of Marie Antoinette this week for Pink Friday.
Written by:Sharon Wollman,
Director of Community Relations
Make Mine Pink

Image by: The Polka Dot Rose - http://www.thepolkadotrose.com/

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Easter Memories

On Easter mornings, when we were children, we would awaken to discover Spring had magically arrived overnight… and delivered some delightful surprises. The world was new again and filled with treasures just waiting for us to discover them. Tall chocolate bunnies hidden in springtime flower beds. Eggs delicately painted like rainbows, waiting in the grass. Plush rabbits in ruffled dresses and straw hats, sitting in white baskets, eager to become our very special friends. We'd hunt together with our friends and family, oohing and aahing over each person's discovery… but secretly knowing that the treasures we found were made just for us.

Now that we're older, the newness of Spring and the thrill of the annual Easter hunt can be rediscovered every time we seek out a treasure in a vintage shop or exclusive boutique. Perhaps we're not searching for chocolate wrapped in sparkly foil or rainbow colored treats. We might not even be sure what we're seeking, but we recognize these treasures the instant we see them.
A vintage hanky embroidered so delicately you can't help but wonder about the woman behind its design. A crystal bracelet reflecting a color that's "just so" when the sunlight shines on it in "just that way". The ideal display for a certain corner that's been looking slightly forlorn - not missing just anything, but the perfect thing.

The moment we discover them, our hearts feel a little thrill and, just for that moment, the world is new again and we feel reborn. As if someone hid this treasure in a secret corner just for us to find, and our hearts recognize them before we even know what we've discovered.
At Make Mine Pink, you may not find the foil wrapped bunnies or the colorful eggs, but you will always discover a thrilling hunt for the perfect treasure that stirs up feelings of Spring. Join us at Forget Me Not Dreams as we celebrate Easter Memories.
written by: Joyce Lucas, Founder of Make Mine Pink

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Spring is on the way! Yippee!! Flowers are starting to pop out, things are
looking greener, we are seeing blue sky now and then and the birds are just
now starting to sing. I feel the season of renewal entering my heart and soul.
Eileen and I are beginning new projects, even as she battles along with her
parents in her dad's fight with lung cancer. Weight seems like an idiotic
struggle in light of their fight. Both ultimately are a fight for health, for life.
My weight has gone up and down all week, up 2, down 3 over and over. I
decided to weigh every day now instead of once a week, to keep better record
and possibly better control since I am still at 9.5 pounds lost. Yesterday I
began working out on the treadmill and will add the free weights next week.
We'll see what happens. I am discouraged yet, like the beginning of Spring,
still full of hope and expectation for what is to come. We all have a fight to
sustain, keep up your hope and fight!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Puptates and Tags

It's Spring Break here this week, so no pre-school either. My grandson was able
to spend the night last night. We made our traditional "puptates" yesterday just
like we've done every visit since he was about 18 months old and coined the word
for cupcakes.

This visit the order was for double chocolate! So, we have chocolate batter
everywhere! But we sure had fun! It's great to have something special to
do together, just Nana and Jacen. Now I need to find something different to
do with his baby sister... and then the new baby arriving in May in Denver.
I do love being Nana, it's the greatest!

After trying to play Wii this morning, we decided to have a project making
paper products. Jacen made bats and spiders for himself and kitties for his
sister. I was able to get a few sweet birds on a branch and owls done. I love
making these tags for gift giving or sending notes to friends, a quick I Love
You or bookmarks. They can be hung anywhere.... like spiders and bats!!

A Little Show & Tell!

A few years back while in a creative mode, we came up with a unique tote design using Vintage Hankies. Since then the line has expanded to include todays trendiest fabrics, but we have to say, the Vintage Hankie totes are still our favorite. Each one is as unique as the history of the hankie. It's been an exciting ride to watch them grow in popularity. In fact, this year they are being featured in Cottage Living Magazine. Straw handbags are very trendy right now because of their Eco friendly nature. So we took the greatest fabrics on the market, the sweetest rescued hankies and designed a line of new Eco chic totes! Many have re-purposed items on them. Every little bit helps you know! We used rescued jewelry, belts, buckles, and various embellishments. We are glad we can re-purpose cast off items that still have allot of glitz left in them! We've just listed our first round of this seasons totes and have many more in the works. We hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

One Of A Kinds for Pink Friday

One of a Kind Treasures Remember the days when we wanted to be like everyone else? We wanted to have the same clothes, same hairstyles, same.... everything. Only the very brave dared to be one of a kind. Sometimes it takes courage to say "I am different. I will be one of a kind." But over time, you discover that what makes a thing, or a person, unique is often the same thing that makes them beautiful. Taking chances, standing out, can make you a trend setter and everyone else followers. Join us for Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink, you can feel confident that many of your purchases are one of a kind. A piece of art that is unique in its own right, as original as you. You'll also find great sale prices in our Friday Flea Market category.
written by Joyce Lucas,
Founder of Make Mine Pink

Craft City in Tucson

Major emotional break through today, maybe in the last week. I have taken my
grandson's advice, even if he is only 4, and found the beauty here in Arizona. Yes,
there are many beautiful cactus here and desert flowers, and the blue skies in the
midst of winter and early spring and wonderful, the swimming pool is a relaxing
experience if you let yourself relax and the stars at night are a gift.

Today I looked at all of the crafting stations that I have set up since our company
departed. I have a quilt started for our new grandson arriving in late May. Our
son attended UNC at Chapel Hill and is a devoted Tar Heel fan. I found some UNC
fabric and am putting together a simple blanket for Hagen's cradle.

The beading station is in the most comfortable over-stuffed recliner. The beads are
finds from the trip that Eileen & I took to the Tucson Gem Show in early February.
Beading is such a therapeutic craft... so relaxing and creative. Just let those cares and
worries go, visualizing the finished product, the order of each bead to be strung. Fun!
Unfortunately, they are heavy and not good to travel with when weighing in for a

Oh, yes, the tagging station on the formal dining table. Paper, glue, glitter, stamps
and ribbons scattered within a hand's reach. Actually, this is looking pretty picked
up and organized. I found many supplies down here, so there will be lots to pack up
to take home.

The shipping department. How can we be without Priority Mail and all the packaging to go with it? Just my findings from some thrift store perusing.

Finally, the sun tan, inspiration station. There is never enough time at home to
catch up on reading and perusing the latest magazines. I usually save them for
the airplane and Tucson. And how often do you actually lay out in the sun, soaking
up the warmth and the rays. It will be another 3-4 months before we can unbundle,
put the umbrellas away and expect to see the sun for more than an hour a day. But
there is no where finer in the summer and fall.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Valley So Low, Plateau So High!!

It's Weigh In Wednesday again. Ugh. I have lost the weight that I had
gained back last week, but again, am stuck on the 9-9.5 pounds and can
not pass my goal of my first 10 pounds lost. Beyond discouraging, I am
getting mad!! At myself! I know my exercise has to increase, and there
is no excuse now that our company has left and I am not entertaining.
Just a few more days and we will return from the sun here in Tucson to
our cold and rain in Portland. Back to the treadmill and crunches!! I am
hoping to give you better news next week!! Onward!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Nesting, isn't that the inate desire and responsibility of a woman? Feathering the
nest, creating a safe and beautiful home for our families, somewhere to find shelter,
comfort, security and most of all, love. This mama bird built her fortress in a cholla
cactus, thorny stickers supporting and protecting the nest from danger.

How incredibly symbolic is this ? We human mamas fight to build a sanctuary
for our most precious treasures...our family, keeping them safe from dangers
so frequently found in the world around us, asking for the hedge of thorns to
surround them in their journey through life. So much is reflected in nature.

God's Blessings,


Monday, March 16, 2009

Ready, Set, Play! Bonus Anyone?

I guess you can tell I'm excited about the Make Mine Pink Shop Hop starting today!
Well, have you ever participated in a Make Mine Pink Shop Hop? If not, you'll be glad to know that it's easy, really fun and you could be the WINNER on one of several fantastic prizes! To check out the details and get registered to play, Click Here! But before you run away...do you like BONUSES??? Here is a sneak peek at our Shop Hop Bonuses. They are available to anyone who joins or is already on our mailing list...and yes I will be checking! Just click here to sign up for our weekly updates and members exclusive bonuses.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fantastic Friday!

Tomorrow is Fantastic Friday...why you ask? Well...because fantastic things happen on Fridays silly! Since we've joined Make Mine Pink and Friday Flea Market, every Friday is, well...fantastic! A Bit of Whimsy Anyone? Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink this week is all about adding a little whimsy to your life. We love creating at Forget Me Not Dreams. There's just some thing about working with your hands and mind in unison. So, in honor of that favorite part of our business, we are offering some new products from our "Creative Bits" category as our Pink Friday special. Go ahead....go out on a whim and Create!

You'll find up to 50% off in our Friday Flea Market category this week. WOW...now that's a Fantastic Friday! Don't' forget that the March into Spring Shop Hop begins next Monday!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Into Spring Shop Hop

The joyful march into spring begins, a cacophony of bird calls fill the blue skies, the trees show their fresh green buds, and the tulips start to poke their heads from the earth to face the sunshine. Colors are about to burst forth, and the earth will be new again. With fresh eyes, we are stocking our shelves with pretty greens, bright yellows, vibrant pinks, and beautiful blues. For the Boutiques at Make Mine Pink, spring cleaning is over, and we would love to show off our fresh new colors and exciting spring merchandise. Please join us for our "March Into Spring" Shop Hop from March 16 through March 21, 2009. The shop hop is open to anyone that would like to participate (limit one registration per physical address). Please register if you would like to participate.

Friday, March 6, 2009

We're So Excited We Could Scream!

Join us in celebrating our new Forget Me Not Dreams site! We’ve been working hard on new graphics, expanding our product categories and upgrading some of the technical features! We are so excited to share this monumental moment with you, when we flip the switch and launch our new site! You’ll notice we’ve added some new Product Categories to our site. We love the creative process and want to share our great supply resources with you, so we’ve added Creative Bits and the Paperie to our new site. Here you’ll find both supplies and some of our own Altered Art creations. Also new is Charming Jewelry. Although there is not much in there at the moment, the photo shows you a sneak peak of great things to come! Stay tuned! Our Home D├ęcor has been split into three categories: French Farmhouse, Cottage Chic and Romantic Home. We hope you enjoy the changes on our site our new products. Please let us know if there is something special you are looking for. So take a peek and let us know what you think!
Eileen & Karen

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pink Friday~Altered Art...We Love It

Please join us at Forget Me Not Dreams on Friday for one of our favorite Pink Friday themes...Altered Art! Were also celebrating the launching of new graphic and product categories on our website! A Celebration Bonus will be available to all our Newsletter members!

Pieces of lace, vintage postcards, time-worn mother-of-pearl buttons. Each piece exquisite in its own right, but coming together to bring art to a new height. Used postage stamps, a well-read letter, shimmery beads, a butterfly’s broken wing. From an altered perspective, they are no longer insignificant souvenirs of times past, but innovative creations that inspire new memories to be made. An altered piece of art might be built upon a beloved book, pulled from a forgotten shelf. Another may have once been a forlorn jewelry box, still eager to display an unexpected gem. These are stunning works of art born from abandoned items, repurposed in the most exciting ways. Perhaps each item has been thoughtfully selected in honor of a day, a season, someone you love. As the objects blended and merged and found their own space, an altered perspective revealed a meaning that could not have been anticipated. An altered work of art that forever changes one’s perspective.Joyce Lucas,
Founder of Make Mine Pink

Image provided by: www.noellegarrettdesigns.com

Be sure to visit all the other shops at Make Mine Pink Friday! Also check out our Friday Flea Market category for some great sale prices and the other vendors at :

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Wow!! If there is chocolate around, count it G...O...N...E..!! Tha hormones are
raging and the diet has quickly slid downhill. 1.5 pounds gained this week. At first
I wasn't sure that I cared that I was making secret trips to stores where I wouldn't
be noticed buying just chocolate. Yes, I had cleared it all out of the house, all gone!
No stashes again, but I am hoping that I can ride this out and get back on track in a
day or two.

How easy it is to fall back into bad habits once we hope we have broken them. It is
very humbling and shows how strong an addictive spirit is and how weak my spirit is
without that special extra boost. Back to my devotions and self discipline gained
from the One who gives us strength.

Until next week! Be strong!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


What a great day! We woke to blue skies here in rainy Oregon (the rain came later in the day!) and planned a day together unpacking boxes that arrived from our January visit to the CHA show. We were also able to get a first look at our newly remodeled website. Both left us laughing until our sides hurt until the reality of the work ahead hit! Working in a new medium is exciting but also a bit intimidating. Another day together and the ideas will flow and projects will emerge like butterflies from a cocoon. There is nothing like the joy of creating. No greater freedom can be found than in the “letting go” of your mind, clearing it of worries and cares to begin with an empty canvas and working with your hands, no matter what the medium.

We are hoping that our newly designed website will be up on the internet by the end of the week. The excitement is beyond words! Without the help of Stephanie Saponas with her wonderful graphic designs and Thomas from the Cottage Collection website design, our little spot in the vast internet world wouldn't be possible. So thank you Steph and Thomas! Another creative medium.

I have been visiting other blogsites, enjoying thoughts and experiences of other women interested in creativity and small business. My latest finds were Nancy from Acorn Cottage and Cynthia's blog at Cynthia's Cottage Design. Cynthia is also having a Giveaway this week. Check them out!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Farm Chicks Giveaway and Show

The Farm Chicks are having a big Giveaway to celebrate the photo shoot for their second book. Quick! Log into their blogsite and register to win the big surprise!
Of course, you'll have to get into the long line.

Eileen and I attended the second Farm Chicks show a few years ago. Beyond being a blast of a road trip, with secrets never to be revealed, we shopped until we nearly dropped. The vendors were wonderfully talented and it was a party atmosphere. The skies opened for several hours and we were in mud up to our ankles out in farm country. Nothing slowed the shoppers down! Onward!!

This year we are so excited to actually be a part of the show at the fairgrounds in Spokane. We are doing the show with our little Moonlight group, having our first planning meeting this past Friday. There is a ton of planning that has to go into the logistics of moving all of our antiques and vintage re-mades and then setting it all up in a 10' x 40' space. Hopefully it will all fit into one large truck and my trusty Suburban... with roof racks packed of course. Time seems to be rushing by so fast, we all need to get stitchin', rejuvenating, searching and finding, and daydreaming of what our space will look like. We love it!

We do hope that some of you will be able to make it to Spokane and the festivities that Teri and Serena provide. They are the greatest! Check their blogsite for places to stay in Spokane. The lodging fills up fast there!!

Have a week full of dreams and creativity!