Monday, March 15, 2010


My apologies to all of you not seeing any sun this week-end. Arizona is heating up! This was our big outing for the week-end. Liz and I went to this big church rummage sale while the guys were golfing. It looked really good pulling up as the parking lot was full and we were early at 9:30. Were those all quilts hanging on the railing?! Run, Liz, run!

We wandered through all of the furniture, leaving things behind that would have been fun to work with. No way to get it home at this point. We rummaged for an hour and only found a few silver pieces to take to Farm Chicks. Maybe they will go on the website. I have to start sending small boxes home to Eileen. We had a good time, no quilts, stopped at the new WalMart for groceries and headed home.

Liz had found Russian websites and Russian television that she is able to watch on her computer. She spends many hours searching the Internet for Russian poets and sending notes to friends in Russia. Her birthday is today so she is getting a ton of Birthday wishes from even high school friends in Russia. The world truly has become very small with the computer and Internet.

This is what the guys do after a hard day of golf. Usually a long soak in the hot tub and then relaxing in the sun for an hour or two really help the aging, aching muscles. My husband is addicted to crossword puzzles. He says it will keep his mind sharp. I hope so! Haven't found anything that will help me!
PS - My tag factory is inside. I just take the photos and run inside. Much safer that way!

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