Monday, March 8, 2010

The Road Trip Without Much Junkin'

Yet another road trip! Sometimes I feel like I live in the revolving door. This is a very special trip. I am driving a new car down to our little Tucson golf house, the old car gave up the automobile ghost. Dead is the word. Huge surprise for me, my eldest son called and asked if he could drive down with me and then fly back to Portland. This is our first road trip since he was living at home, many years ago. He is my quiet son, waiting on his third child to arrive in mid May, his second son. Here's my boy when he was 4.

And now, with his two ruffians. Such gifts they are to me! And their mom, finally a daughter to love! Thanks Pam for letting him go with me, especially now with baby JJ coming.

This morning I loaded up the car with fabric to make into pillows, pot holders and patchwork place mats; paper, stamps and ink, photos and envelopes for tags and stationery; embroidery patterns and camera equipment. Of course high hopes of finding lots of good junk, vintage treasures. Those hopes were quickly dashed when I realized that I was on a Grothe male road trip. Yikes! Get into the car, point the hood south and step on the gas! It's a good thing I drove part of the time and he got hungry or I would have had bad potty issues. Tomorrow I may drive all day so we can stop and actually get out of the car more than 5 minutes at a time!! Still wouldn't trade any of the precious time we had together today talking about the joys and tribulations of raising kids, running households and keeping businesses going in tough times. Precious moments together. I wish those times for all of you if you are able.


Christine said...

How I look forward to those moments with my own children now that they are entering adulthood. Can't understand, though, my my 22 year old did not want me tagging along to Cancun this week.

Hope you are having a great time. Of all the things that we create, memories with our children and our grandchildren are the most valuable.

Mary Patterson said...

What a very special time with your son ... Sounds like a great trip with wonderfuol memories for you! Aren't grandkids THE BEST?
Mary Patterson
Mary's Cottage Treasures