Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fabulous Fabrics and Textiles

If you are a collector of fabrics and textiles, you know that there are some that not only never go out of style, but become even more coveted and collectible with time. I’ve always been a fan of re-purposing vintage textiles, and am drawn to products that are created with them. An apron, trimmed with a tattered hankie, awaits a few finishing touches in my sewing room.Vintage needlepoints, rescued, revived and trimmed with gorgeous new silks and trims. The marriage of old, rich in history, and new luxurious fabrics, exquisite!

I’m a fabric and textile collector at heart. I love old fabrics, new fabrics, vintage tablecloths that are bright and newly starched, faded linens and curtain panels that speak to my heart and grow more beautiful with time. Sure, the colors may fade, but each piece shines bright with the memory of the hands that created and cared for them. A beautiful antique quilt, casually draped over my chair in the sitting room, serves as a backdrop for my cozy decor. It also allows me to enjoy a part of my collection every day. One day I hope to have stacks and stacks of colorful antique quilts filling cupboards and armoires, waiting to be lovingly folded over the foot of a guests bed on a chilly winter night.

On my bed, a pale yellow, vintage chenille spread, still plush, soft and inviting. I’ve always been partial to vintage chenille bedspreads. They were so intertwined with my childhood memories of summers on Cape Cod. Chenille was the quintessential “cottage bedroom decor.” Fabulous fabrics and textiles will work in almost any d├ęcor.
Monogrammed pillow cases edged with a bit of tatting - perhaps bearing your own initials or a great-grandmother's - grace our beds. A hand embroidered dresser scarf, atop an antique bureau in its rightful glory. Some of the textiles and fabrics that we collect are not old and rich in memories, but give a feel of yesteryear with a crisp new look. Start your own collection of fabulous fabrics and textiles this Friday at Forget Me Not Dreams and the boutiques of Make Mine Pink.
Written by:
Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It's been a wild and crazy summer...but you've probably noticed that by our lack of blog postings! Sometimes something has got to give! This week is the best kind of crazy! We are full of excitement and ANTICIPATION! My son has been gone for two years serving a mission for our church....and finally it is time for him to come home!!! I'm so excited I can hardly wait to see him! We are busy getting things ready here at the house. For one thing, I have to give him his bedroom back! Seem that our business just crept into his room and took up residency while he was away! Can you imagine that! I dream of the day my businesses will be neatly organized and tucked nicely away into a space of it's own! But for's coming out of his room because my boy is coming home!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer rushes in with a burst of color that delights the senses. Where the colors of spring are subtle and soothing, the colors of summer are bold and energizing. The sun shines bright, the skies are an azure blue, and you can almost envision the sights and sounds of summer fun that awaits you on the horizon. The bright, clear colors, excite our senses and encourage us to relax and play.

Colorful planters and dishes are brought out of storage and bright colored linens, freshened up for summer use. It doesn’t matter what your year round decor is, the summer calls for colors that are bright and whimsical. Colors that say, come join us for some laughter and fun.Chairs fill your living space, draped with colorful throws and cushions. Summer fruits and brightly colored birds and flowers, make their way into your summer decor.

A simple corner, now ablaze with the colors of summer.This is a season of vacations and celebrations that are meant to be shared with family and good friends. Dining tables are moved onto the patio or under the shade of a large oak tree in the garden. The brightest vintage tablecloths draped casually over mismatched tables, all reminiscent of another time, bursting with memories.

Mismatched dishes in bright summer colors are used to serve the summer fare. Fresh berries and bright yellow lemons, fill bowls and glass pitchers. Colorful vases are filled with fresh cut flowers is all shades of summer. Nothing needs to be coordinated, nothing looks out of place. The colors of popsicles and beach balls, strawberry shortcake and pink lemonade, bring us back to our childhood. Memories flood in and new memories are made.
Join us for The Colors of Summer this Friday at Forget Me Not Dreams and the other participating boutiques at Make Mine Pink.