Monday, June 30, 2008

Everything’s Coming Up Roses!

I know, the titles a little cliché, but I couldn’t resist!
Every thing is coming up roses lately it seems!

The roses in my yard are in bloom and just gorgeous this year. I’ve been working with some beautiful Helga Piaget roses for a wedding last weekend, and several other beautiful varieties in my Advanced Floral Design class. And the best of all is….it’s Romantic Roses for Pink Friday this week! We’ll be offering a wonderful selection of rose themed products as well as discounting many of our current rose products. We’ll be sending a newsletter with a special offer and some sneak peeks just for our mailing list, so if your not signed up yet, head on over to Forget Me Not Dreams and sign up!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Isn't this a great Shop!

For Show and Tell Monday this week, I want to share a few more pics of my trip to the Central California Coast last weekend. In particular, the additional photo’s I have of my stop at this fabulous store. There have been some good guesses, but only one is correct! Hmmm, which one of you is right? Here is my last clue: The owner of this store is an artist and the tie she has to Make Mine Pink is that we did an interview with her!

Isn’t her store wonderful! I just loved it! Leave us a comment and tell us who you think it is. Remember “everyone” who leaves the right answer will be entered in the prize giveaway! I’ll be at floral school all week, so the drawing will be on July 1st! Maybe you will be the winner!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Care to wager a guess?

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit a wonderful store. The owner is an extremely talented lady and one who has a connection with Make Mine Pink. Care to wager a guess at where I am??? Leave a comment with your guess included. Everyone who guesses correctly will be entered into a drawing for a Forget Me Not Dreams gift certificate and other goodies! A winner will be picked at random on July 1st. Hmmmm, who could it be?

Stop by and have a spot of Tea!

Pink Friday is just around the corner again! We are having such a fun time with this new way of selling and shopping. The theme for this week is “An English Tea”. You will find all things tea related located in one convenient place at Make Mine Pink. Just log on and you’ll find a list of participating shops with links directly to their Pink Friday merchandise. Forget Me Not Dreams will be featuring some wonderful tea cups, hand crafted tea pots, and beautiful tea themed décor…all at sale prices! Anyone who makes a Pink Friday purchase from Forget Me Not Dreams will receive a copy of the new Make Mine Pink Marketplace magazine and will be entered in a drawing for a $10 gift certificate for a future purchase at Forget Me Not Dreams. Have fun shopping!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Were Coming Out of the Closet...The Linen Closet!

To say we are avid vintage textile collectors would be an understatement! Most of our online friends and customers would never know, because sadly enough….we’ve been hording our stash! Our favorites are vintage Tablecloths. Each one so unique, so full of life. We have often talked about the family who might have been seated around the table, their finest cloth set to mark the occasion as “special”. One might see the stains, the tiny rips or tears as imperfections, we see them as evidence of precious time gone by. Even a cutter holds tremendous joy for us as we consider the possibilities of re-purposing it into something unique and wonderful. But alas, the closet is bursting at the seams and it’s time to part with some of our treasures. The spoils go to who ever is the fastest at snapping them up! We will be listing a great selection of our vintage tablecloths for Pink Friday this week as we celebrate"Kitschy Kitchen Ideas." Do you decorate your kitchen with cherries on the wallpaper, all rose china, vintage tablecloths? You will find it all and much, much more on Friday, and all at sale prices!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pink Friday is Tomorrow So Warm Up The BBQ!

I’m always amazed at how quickly a week can go by! Tomorrow is Pink Friday again already! Whoo Hooo! Time to warm up the BBQ! We’ll be listing some great BBQ related gifts for that special guy in your life! We’re all fired up about BBQing at Make Mine Pink! We’ve been sharing our favorite recipe ideas for the season. Here are just a few mouth watering suggestions from some of our MMP friends. Enjoy….and we’ll see you tomorrow for Fantastic Fathers Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink!

Joyce Lucas, Founder of Make Mine Pink
My favorite seasoning is a packet of Good Seasons! We use it in so many ways.
· We use heavy duty tin foil, cube potatoes and toss with some olive oil and good seasons, garlic and herb dressing mix (dry). Then cook on the grill in tin foil.
· We cook pork tenderloin that's been marinated in good seasons, garlic and herb dressing. This time with the oil and vinegar.
· Core and fill apples with brown sugar, cinnamon and a pat of butter. Wrap in tin foil and cook with the pork tenderloin.
· Sweet potatoes cubed and sprinkled with a tiny bit of Splenda brown sugar and a pat of butter in tin foil. OH MAN. They're like candy.
· I love veggies on the grill. In the summer, all potatoes are baked on the grill. Rub will olive oil, sprinkle with course sea salt and wrap in tin foil. The skin is the best part!
· We also cube boneless chicken and marinate in Kikkoman's teriyaki glaze. Then use wooden skewers and alternate pineapple chunks, cherries and chicken. These are awesome!

Pat of Patricia Rose
· We do the "Hobo Packets" on the grill, an old 4H recipe. On heavy duty foil, put beef that has been cut into bite size pieces, fresh green beans, sliced potatoes (fairly thin sliced), a slice of onion. Salt, Pepper, a little garlic, a drizzle of oil (I use olive oil for everything). Seal up the packet, pop them all on the grill and about one half an hour has it all cooked up. They're really quite good. (I've been known to put in a splash of red wine and a few other seasonings. But that wasn't in the original recipe.

This mouth watering picture brought to you by :
Suzanne Pinkston
Think Pink Creations

Stephanie of Shabby In Pink Boutique
· Fresh asparagus drizzled with olive oil, garlic powder, salt & pepper, wrapped in tin foil.
· Shish Ka Bobs are my favorite Use Shrimp, beef, or chicken. Marinade in Italian dressing for a hour with fresh tomatoes, green peppers, onion, pineapple. & mushrooms. Load it all on a stick and grill. Yummy!

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Perfect Day

Monday's are Show and Tell day's at Make Mine Pink which I love! It's very fun to see what everyone is working on and get a small taste of what wares will so be offered on their sites.
This week, our Show and Tell is definitely more of a "tell". Today was a perfect day in my opinion! No, the weather wasn't perfect...a bit to cold and rainy for my taste, but still the day was just right, because Karen and I spent the day designing and playing with fabrics! Any day I can play in the fabric with a best a prefect day in my book! We are working on some new ideas, sewing our proto types and getting ready to launch a new line. We have allot more work to do before we'll get to the launching stage, but we are having a blast designing and working through this part of the journey. I think having "joy in the journey" is so important. What would be the motivation Sales are always good, but for me at least, it has to be about more than money.

The other reason it's a perfect day is....I won Dianne of Mamas Pocketbook's blog contest! Whoo Hooo! She gave a way a Vintage pattern of the winner's choice from Mom's Patterns (up to $15.00 value) and of course some kind of little sewn goody from her! I'm so excited! Dianne is an amazing seamstress and textile designer, so I am thrilled and looking forward to having one of her items. I'll be like a kid in a candy store looking through Jan's site "Mom's Patterns - Vintage Sewing Patterns - Real Retro Fashion!" Too much fun for sure! Be sure and check out both these ladies wonderful sites.

Our other spotlight this week is on Sandra of Shabby Rose Cottage. She has a wonderful ezine called Everyday Chic where she offers decorating tips and points of interest dedicated to the shabby chic lifestyle. Take a look at her site and sign up for her wonderful ezine newsletter! I really love it!