Monday, March 1, 2010


Spring is here... in Portland, Oregon thanks to El Nino. Our apologies to the rest of you who are experiencing the worst weather ever. We hope that will end soon.

Over the past 2 weeks the birds have all come back, along with this new little guy who is working hard to kill our sweet gum tree in the front yard. He is pretty though isn't he? The noise in the yard is incredible between the birds and the frogs! We decided to try a new product this spring, a cute tea cup bird feeder that will fit into your large patio pots or into a flower bed.

My one year old golden puppy, Snicker, had to check out everything. She decided that bird seed really was for the birds!

Each tea cup is attached to a length of copper pipe which will eventually oxidize, turn a bit green, and look really cool! The bird seed will fill the tea cup and can be scattered on the saucer as well.

I don't have any flower beds growing yet, but a few patio pots are starting to show some color. The tea cup looks great "nested" into this young pot, imagine what the effect will be when the plants are more mature and the birds are comfortable. Gorgeous!

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Christine said...

Are those REAL flowers? Is that really GREEN grass? sigh.

I saw a crow today. :(