Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blossoms & Blooms

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday April 30th 2010 as we present "Blossoms and Blooms" The beautiful blossoms and blooms of spring refresh my senses and feed my soul. They usher in warmer days of working in the garden, taking tea on the porch with friends, placing fresh cut flowers in vases throughout the house. Both indoors and out, I love to surround myself with blossoms and blooms and all the pleasures of spring.Outside in the garden, my cheery plot of bright red tulips is among the first to bloom. In the middle of their friendly faces, I plant a ceramic plaque with the words "Welcome friends." Spring birds, attracted to the rainbow of colors blooming in my yard, inspire me to add pretty painted birdhouses and wrought iron birdbaths so they'll feel at home.Blossoms and blooms are flourishing inside the house too. They grow along the edge of the vintage linen tablecloth I put on the table each spring, in carefully placed threads of pink, red and green. A garden of spring flowers decorates the notepaper and envelopes I keep handy on my writing table and floral shaped soaps rest on an antique dish at the edge of the bath. In my china cabinet, dainty roses and buds encircle much treasured, heirloom teacups and plates.In my bedroom, another spring garden comes to life. French ribbon roses adorn a favorite pillow. Hand built ceramic roses, replace tired and worn drawer pulls on a favorite vanity. A delicate floral pattern dances around the edge of the vintage handkerchief draped over a lamp shade close by the bed. On the bed, a needlepoint pillow displays pink stargazer lilies surrounded by burgundy roses. I'm almost certain the fragrance of spring hangs in the air as I fall asleep each night.Blossoms and blooms, wherever they may be found, are the heralds of a new season – one filled with sunny days, dear friends, vibrant colors and rich musical sounds. In their presence, life seems more beautiful and my soul feels more alive.
Written by: Joyce Lucas,
Founder Make Mine Pink
Photo Contribution 1: Forget Me Not Dreams Photo Contribution 2: Shabby Shan's Cottage Photo Contribution 3: Angel Heart Designs

Monday, April 26, 2010

And The Winner Is...

And the winner is.....Georgia of Grandma G's! Congratulations Georgia! We'll be in touch to get your mailing address and get your goodies in the mail! Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun! We'll be doing another giveaway in the near future!

We've been busy pricing all or our Road Trip spoils! It was a great trip and very successful! Thanks for making the trip with us! We'll be listing the best of our finds in the up coming weeks, so stay tuned! But if you want the big stuff...all the great rustic pieces you can see here, you'll just have to come to Farm Chicks!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Unique And Beautiful Gifts For Mothers Day

I always love giving something unique and special to my Mom for Mothers Day. Something that shows how much she means to me. You'll find many of these wonderful kinds of gifts this week at Forget Me Not Dreams and the other shops at Make Mine Pink as we join together in Celebration of Mom! Won't you join us!
While you are there, get registered for the next Shop Hop! It's really fun and you could be the big winner! Click here to get started!

Monday, April 19, 2010

As Promised...A Road Trip Giveaway!

We had such fun shopping for our Road Trip Giveaway items! We wanted to offer something that we would be excited about winning! Something that anyone could enjoy! Who doesn't love Vintage Kitchen! We found most of these goodies at a Flea Market today!

The winner will receive this sweet vintage apron! It's darling all dressed up in blue and white checks and hand cross stitched! We couldn't resist the graphics on this little cookbook. "Modern Foods For Modern Menus With Miracle Quick-Freezing". Published by Birds Eye Brand, the graphics inside are just as fun. You'll also receive a vintage hand grater, a vintage masher with fun chippy red handle and a spice can. Too much fun!

To enter, just leave a comment on our blog. Receive additional entries for signing up for our newsletter, following us on Facebook, Twitter or posting our contest on your blog (feel free to grab our graphic). The winner will be chooses by random number generator on Monday April 26th. Thanks for playing with us....and good luck!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh What A Day! Road Trip Day Two!

Oh what a day we had today! We were a little disappointed when we got up this morning and found it raining. The weather man had promised a better day, but such is common in Oregon, especially at the Coast. But when we are on the hunt, nothing can keep us down for long! Well...almost nothing!
This was our first and best stop of the day! We met Gwen a former antique dealer liquidating her stash as a new business is taking her in a different direction. She was a real sweetheart and Karen and I enjoyed talking to her! Just as we were getting ready to leave, a gust of wind picked up the canvas of her canopy and dumped the rain that had gathered on top, right on my head! went right down the neck of my jacket and I was soaked all the way to my knees! Brrrr! So we had to make a trip to McDonald's so I could change clothes. Have you ever tried to change in a stall to tiny you can hardly turn around...without taking off your shoes (ewww, not happening in a community bathroom!). But I managed and we were back on the road.

A quick stop at one of our coastal favorites, The Pirate Pastry Shop! They make the best cookies! My favorite one is her Pie Crust cookies. They remind me of being a kids and watching my Mom make pies!

We decided to hit a few more sales and mosey down the coast. The further South we drove the nicer the weather got so we were glad about that. We stopped in one community and got a real kick out of this house. Apparently they were not to thrilled when their neighbors across the street built their home right in front of their ocean view. So, they built up! Too funny...looking!

We saw this place and had to turn around and check it out. It was the What Not Shop. We didn't buy anything here, but we thought his display was funny, and effective! It got us to stop!

The Oregon Coast is so gorgeous. We had a fun time stopping to take photos and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Karen is a wonderful photographer and it was fun to see her in element!
This view is of the Heceta Lighthouse and Visitors Center. So gorgeous!

One last favorite pic of the day...a wild patch of Forget Me Nots! We are enjoying relaxing in the hotel room tonight and looking forward to an early morning at the Flea Market! We will be picking up a few special items that will be included in our Road Trip Blog Giveaway! Be sure and check in tomorrow for details! Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Too Much Fun!

We had too much fun today! There is just nothing better than spending the day together, two friends doing our favorite thing....junking! A day of laughter, great finds and meeting the nicest people. Every year we try to find someone with an interesting story to tell, someone who we have an instant connection with. This year it is definitely Bette! We stopped at Bette's sweet little neighborhood, one of those cute little communities where the houses have character and charm. We parked the car for a quick escape, hurry before all the good stuff is gone! We laughed and laughed when we got back to the car and saw our great parking job! To funny! This became a theme as the day when on. Then we came to Bette's house and we new we'd hit pay dirt! As we were paying for our many purchases there, we began chatting with Bette and found out that she had once owned an Antique Store. She told us how exciting it was and how she had sat up in bed in the middle of the night when her store name came to her..."Past Tense"...her husband not quite sharing her middle of the night enthusiasm! The store is no longer open, but Bette still sales antiques at one of the Oregon coast best antique malls in Wheeler. Then, she took us in her magical backyard! Oh wow... what charm! Here is her darling potting bench! We just loved the vintage plates mounted behind the glass panes of the window. Everywhere we looked there was a charming accent. Look how she took enamel plates and lined her flower beds! And we loved her Rain Barrel! Too cute! Bette, thanks for sharing your sweet story with us and allowing us to enjoy your very special backyard. We feel like we have a new friend and kindred spirit to add to our Forget Me Not friends! We'll see you next year Bette!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Yet Another Road Trip...Woo Hoo!

We hope you don't get tired of hearing about our Road Trips! It's such a fun part of our business and friendship! Today we are in Lincoln City for the Annual Citywide Garage Sale! We've been coming down here for the past four years and it's a blast! But shhhh...don't tell too many people! Tomorrow we'll share more about our trip and treasures! But we're off to find the best junk in town! Woo Hoo!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Join us for a fun shopping event this Friday...A Few Of Our Favorite Things! It promises to be a fun one! But do I pick just a "few" of our favorites to list! We love to create so that's a given, and we love to find and sell vintage treasures so expect some of that too! I guess it will be a hodge podge of favorites! Perhaps some pink rose embellished tea cups, or Cottage Chic decor items! A gorgeous pillow crafted of vintage textiles, ribbons and jewels! We have so many just never know what your going to find at our "Favorites" Sale! Please join us at Forget Me Not Dreams as well as the other shops at Make Mine Pink.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Make Mine Pink's Friday Shopping Event

Whenever I come across one of my favorite things, I feel a sudden flutter. Do you know the the feeling? It's a little thrill that tells me this is something special. Maybe it's a memory that the item brings to mind or perhaps it's just the way it catches the sunlight. Maybe you’re not really sure what it is about this particular item, you just recognize the pleasure it gives you when you see it.Whimsical treasures always stir that feeling in me. Faux pastries iced with lace and trimmed with vintage laces, pink polkadots on cupcakes and tiaras on clocks, things I only imagined in places I never expected. Vintage china pieces hand painted with roses, just like the ones my grandmother used to set, create that same inexplicable feeling of delight. Table linens in particular, remind me of the special teas I shared with her so many years ago. Almost anything with a pretty scent is on my list of favorite things.

Beautifully wrapped scented soaps, displayed in a ceramic bathtub, covered in roses. Sometimes I'll tuck and extra fragrant bar into a drawer to add a bit of fragrance to my clothing.In the bedroom, armfuls of flower-covered pillows are piled on the bed - the more the better. Dainty hankies draped over the shade of a favorite bedroom lamp, create just the right lighting for a summer night. A crystal vase placed on a table in the center of the room sparkles in the sunlight and makes me smile when it catches my eye.Favorite things come in all shapes and sizes, colors and scents. Whatever stirs that little flutter in you, you're sure to discover it at Make Mine Pink.

Written By: Joyce Lucas, Founder Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: The Pink Rose Cottage Photo Contribution 2: Gail Friend Designs Photo Contribution 3: Angel Heart Designs

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Best Of Life's Offering

I missed blogging yesterday. It was a jam packed day...a Mom's Day. Many of my friends are at the same place I am in life where we are blessed to be helping care for our elderly parents. We lovingly refer to these days as a "Mom's Day". It's true that sometimes it's hard to sacrifice the time, there are always so many pressures, things calling for my attention. But truth is, my family if the best of life's offerings. So for now, I'll pick and choose what I can move off my plate so there is room enough and time enough to spend on what really matters before it too slips away. This picture is so Mom and my sweet. Truly two of the best things in my life.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Special Sale~Keeping It Green

I love to craft using cast offs of the past mixed with elements of the new! Giving something a new life and keeping it from going into the trash is the best of both worlds. I love surrounding myself with the memories of the past, but spruces up with the flair of the present. This weeks themed sale at Make Mine Pink was just the motivation I needed to get going on a few new project! I've had such fun this week working on some jewelry pieces and getting into our vintage textiles cutters. Stop by Forget Me Not Dreams on Friday to see what I've been working on and be sure to visit the other participating shops too! Celebrate Earth Day and Keeping It Green, join us for this special sale!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Watch For Us In Victoria Magazine!

This past few years have been a whirlwind of fun and excitement as our business has grown and grown. We've had so many wonderful opportunities come to us, and have been blessed to get to know so many nice people both customers and fellow business owners. I'm feeling a little emotional today because we've just sent in an ad for Victoria's May/June issue! I've loved Victoria for years so to be part of this magazine is so exciting. Truly a dream come true!

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Category On Our Website!

Once in a while we get one of those ideas that makes us wonder "why we didn't think about doing this a long time ago"! We have added a "New This Week" category to the top of our sidebar! Now it will be easy to pop in a take a quick peek each week at all our new goodies. Awesome! Have a great week everyone!