Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seriously...Don't Miss Pink Friday This Week!

Just flying in to give a shout out for Pink Friday this week. We are featuring most of our best collectible pieces for 25% off and FREE SHIPPING with a purchase over $25 (before shipping). You really don't want to miss this one!

We are so grateful for all our friends and customers! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Eileen & Karen

Monday, November 24, 2008

Candy Bar Snowman Factory!

We’ve had such fun making our Candy Bar Snowmen this year! I love the process, from gathering all the supplies to seeing them completed step by step.

Seeing their little sweet faces are all lined up in a row waiting for the next step in the process to be done. I love it when you get to the very last step and all of a sudden, you have a whole bunch finished just like that!

We found darling soft furry fleece for their hats and scarf’s and fun embellishments to dress them up a bit. It’s fun to take an old idea from a magazine, and refresh and update it a bit! Last year everyone on my list received and Candy Bar Snowman in their stocking. They looked so cute peeking out of the top in anticipation for Christmas morning to begin! With lots of colors to choose from and a great price, they are just perfect for everyone on your list. Just click on their picture to jump straight to our website.

Don't forget to check out the Make Mine Pink Holiday Bazaar for some great holiday shopping! Orders placed at Forget Me Not Dreams over $25 (before shipping) will be shipped for FREE!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Make Mine Pink Holiday Bazaar

Great things are always happening at Make Mine Pink and today is no exception! Just in time for the Holiday's, MMP is premiering their online Holiday Bazaar! It's just like strolling through your favorite holiday show, only you can do it in your jammie's! Happy Shopping!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pink Friday's and Old Fashioned Christmas!

Christmas at Make Mine Pink continues with themed shopping on November 21st! Please join us as we continue celebrating the season with 25% off our Pink Friday category and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25 (before shipping)!
We loved this story shared by Sharon Wollman from Cest Chouette of her childhood memories of the holidays so we thought we would share it with you!

It happened every year~ right after Thanksgiving dinner. The men would go into the living and laugh and tell stories, and that is where the women wanted them. As the women cleared away the food and washed a dried the fine china and crystal, the discussion began. As children we listened, and waited for the big reveal. "Who will have Christmas?""Well Dale and Anita have the new house." (oh, goody a new house.) "But maybe we should have it at Rosie's, then Uncle Dave could be there" (Rosie had a sitting room that was never used throughout the year but at Christmas opened just like the most gloriously decorated present)"Is it Marilyn's turn?" (oh, yes! Marilyn had the very best sledding hill ever!)"How about Eddie and Ella's farm?" (in the foot hills of Marvin, South Dakota, it was always a scene from an Norman Rockwell painting) Truthfully, it didn't matter much to the cousins, we had Christmas activities planned at everyone house, each a little different. We knew Thanksgiving was just a prelude of the much grander holiday; Christmas was coming. Hundreds of relatives would dress in their Christmas finest, converge at the chosen location, and bring food. Oh the food would be grand; lutefisk, snadbakkels, lefse (with or with out sugar,) sage dressing with turkey liver, cranberries and lingonberries, oyster stew, yams with marshmallows. The finest turkey, the biggest ham and roast beef, too, all products of our farm lifestyle. And the trees, decorated with all the ornaments collected throughout many years of celebrating, some handcrafted, some came in boxes of DUZ©, some newly purchase and some from the old country. And best of all, the 'new' bubble lights. Whoever created bubble lights was a genius to us as kids. We loved looking at each ornament, hoping someone would tell us a story of this one or that one. Each year I buy a little more to decorate, add a new color here or there, purchase new ornament that resembles the old or an old ornament just like Mother had; building new traditions. As we place each ornament on the tree, I retell stories of my Christmases past and my daughters listen. I see in their eyes the understanding that Christmas is more than just us. It is traditions, families and beliefs. Happy Holidays!Sharon Wollman

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Queen of Bazaars,,,, or is that Bizarre?

Here it is, a day in the life of a Bazaar Queen.... or is that Queen
of the Bizarre? This goes on from mid-September to mid- December,
drag it from the attics and garage sort, tag, re-tag, and now slash with
the great green mark down pen for those "Time to Say Good Bye" items.
Getting to be too much for this Nana.

Three more shows and the season is done.
Bazaars, not a career for sissies!

Eileen and I can't wait to get back to our
sewing machines and glue guns!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

As far as I am concerned, it IS the most wonderful time of the year! I just love the holidays and preparing for them! Last night I had such fun wandered around the stores, looking at the mounds of decorations they had to offer. Now is the time to start planning and preparing for a beautiful Christmas! Every year I love to do something new, or at least use my favorite things in a new way. If you buy a few things every year that you love, soon your home will be filled with treasured memories and truly Forget Me Not experiences. Isn't that what life should be made of? We think so. That's why we try to make your shopping as easy and pleasant as ever at Forget Me Not Dreams. This holiday season, and just in time for Pink Friday and Christmas at Make Mine Pink this week, we are offering FREE SHIPPING. We know everyone is watching their pennies, so here's to doing our part! Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We finished.... for this year!!

Phew! We finished breaking down our show last night, loading all of the trucks and vans with props, office needs and leftover product. The bits and pieces we brought in over the week added up to a lot by the time we had to pack everything up to take home.

We had a successful show and enjoyed the time we all spent together. Our board of 6 women having a great time. Now we are excited about getting ready for the Farm Chicks show in June. We will have 3 booths there and are planning the look of our spot and what we are going to make together and collect in our Estate Sale hunts.

Today our first big storm is blowing in. Lots of wind and rain is expected tonight and tomorrow. I have been watching the wind increase all day and the rain moving from a mist to a steady downpour. The poor people who live at the coast will probably have their first flooding of the season tomorrow. I love to watch the happenings outside, make soup and bread for dinner and then just snuggle down and listen to the rain with my husband. Storms in life and about life. Why can't I face my own storms with interest and expectancy, snuggling down with my faith? That warm soup and bread needs to be my study devotions every day. Just another life goal!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Beautiful Transformation and Deals Abound

It's show time once again! This year we are holding

our show in the gorgeous country setting at

Blackbird Farms! I love the transformation process!

This is the "barn" (I know, what a barn!)
before we started....

and after we finished!

We also just started the Make Mine Pink

Shop Hop! We have listed tons of new

Christmas product and deals galore! Check it out!

Each day at Forget Me Not Dreams we will celebrate with a freebie or special discount available to you only that day, so don't miss out! Here's a peek at what's in store...

Nov. 3rd - 20% off your order over $25(before shipping)
Nov. 4th - FREE Ornament with every purchase.
Nov. 5th - 15% off one Christmas Felting figure by Stephanie Saponas
Nov. 6th - Half off your total shipping fee.
Nov. 7th - Half off one item from our Tag Sale category with purchase over $25 (before shipping)
Nov. 8th - 20% off all items in our Celebrate Christmas category.
Nov. 9th - FREE Ornament with every purchase.
Nov. 10th - 20% off your entire purchase over $50(before shipping)
Nov. 11th - Free gift with every purchase.
Nov. 12th - $10 FMND gift certificate with every purchase.
(all discounts apply before shipping fees are added, and will be refunded to you at time of shipping...that's how our shopping cart works)