Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Deals this week

Sorry for not posting last week. We had the stomach bug here! Not fun.

This week doesn’t look very good savings-wise! It’s a great time to use things you already have in your pantry, freezer & stock-pile. I’ll post the good deals I see & then end with a tip of the day!


$1.88 ea. wyb $20.00 worth (so, buy 8 items to get to $20 & you’ll pay $15.04)

Kelloggs cereal
Pop Tarts
Keebler Grahams
Keebler Right Bites
Keebler Fudge Shoppe or EL Fudge Cookies ($.55/1 8.5oz or larger IP here )

Buy a 5pk Kraft Mac & Cheese for $5.69 & get another 5pk Mac & Cheese & 2 Capri Sun Sunrise 10pk Drinks FREE! (There are coupons for Free Capri Sun on the 5pks of Mac & Cheese while supplies last!). This isn’t a bad deal…makes the Mac & Cheese $.57/ea.

Tree Top Apple Juice 1.48 limit 3 (use $1/2 from 5/17 SS or IP here)
Gallon of Shoppers Value Milk 3/$5 (Skim, 1% or 2%)
Barilla pasta 4/$5
Goldfish crackers 4/$5
Lots of Albertsons brands on sale
V8 Vegetable Juice or Fusion Juice $1.88
Lawry’s Season Salt or Garlic Salt $1 (Use $.50/1 5/17 RP)

Tip of the Day #1:

Sometimes you need to buy things you DON’T need, to get deals on the items you DO need or don’t have coupons for (like fresh produce/meat/etc.)!

Seems a little crazy to buy something you can’t/don’t use, BUT what if it will get you something you CAN use?? I finally figured this out. It took me awhile to realize that ALL the coupons in the inserts have a purpose! Even if it is something you don’t use AT ALL, you can maybe use it to help get your cost down on something you DO use. Here’s a recent example…

A few weeks ago, Albertsons had a deal where if you bought $30 worth of certain items, you would get a coupon good for $10 OYNO. Well, the OneTouch Ultra Mini glucose monitor (on sale for $19.99) was included as well as Visine eye drops (on sale for $3.99). There was a coupon not too long ago for up to $20 off this OneTouch monitor and a $3 Visine coupon! So, here is what I did:

$19.99 – OneTouch monitor
$11.97 – 3 Visine eye drops
= $31.96 TOTAL

Then, I used the following coupons:
-$19.99 (OneTouch monitor)
-$9.00 (3-$3/1 Visine)
OOP $2.97 & I got back a $10 OYNO Catalina coupon!!

So, this just gave me a PROFIT of $7.03!!

Now, I can use that $10 OYNO (essentially, free money!) to buy anything I might need at Albertsons…fresh produce, meat, cheese, dairy…the possibilities are ENDLESS!). I’m on a trading board where we swap coupons we don’t need for ones we do & sometimes I even purchase coupons on Ebay. I did that for this deal. I ended up doing this deal 7 times, so I have $70 to use over the next 2 weeks! OK…it might seem a little excessive, but just think…I spent $20.79 OOP & will have $70! Not too bad.

I’ll also leave you with a look at NEXT week’s Walgreen’s ad. I think I’ll include their deals next week if the sales are slim like this week’s are:

Walgreens ad 5/31 thru 6/6

*Thanks to HotCouponWorld for the link!


Feedsack Fantasy said...

Glad you all are back up & running ... hope things are truly settled down. I so enjoy your shopping skills ... I've often wondered but spent no time pursuing the 'thinking process' you use. TYFS

TTFN ~ Marydon

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Ahh, your post is making me wishful for the big city competing grocers on every other corner. My small town has one major grocer...sure it hard to shop for the "best" price.