Tuesday, May 26, 2009

OOPS!! Too Much Fun!

Oh boy, did we have a fun two days or what? Nana even forgot what day it was, hence the missing blog yesterday. Oops!! Jacen, our grandson came over after Sunday School on Sunday and spent two days and an overnight. Obviously we had a blast! We did our traditional "puptates" or cupcakes, as he has called them since he was 14 months old. He is now cracking the eggs himself, measuring and beating the mix. This time he had chef's choice as to what he wanted to add to the batter..... mini M and M's and a few chocolate chips. I still was in charge of holding the end of the bags. While I ran after the puppy, Snickers, Jacen helped himself to some of the dry mix. Yuck!!

Yes, we had plenty of help with clean up. This is the new trick for the week, climbing into or onto the dishwasher. She won't be doing this for very long!! Puppy is growing almost as fast as Jacen. Yikes! She is a ball of motion, chewing, ripping, tearing and eating anything in her path. Those puppy teeth are like little razors.

Here is Jacen's finished product. He decided to bake his puptates in ice cream cones instead of the usual papers. Works great and is much less mess. He decided on whipped cream cheese frosting with mini M & M decorations. Looks like he is happy with the results!!

Jacen is supplying his pre-school with tadpoles. Yesterday he collected for himself from the top of our pool cover. Papa was anxious to get it all cleaned off with the sunny weather, so Jace took the last opportunity to scoop "Yuck" water and the tadpoles. He must have scooped 100 of them that we have been watching day and night. We found one today up on the rocks we put into a small plastic tote, already starting to lose his tail and sprout new legs.
Eileen & I have been so focused on getting ready for our Farm Chicks show, the rest of life has fallen to the wayside. The house has not been kept well, meals are scant, sleep is limited, family is neglected. Just a bit of time with a five year old easily brings the right perspective back into line. Letting the work go, the worry flee for just awhile, traded in for a child's whisper "Nana, I love you", too perfect.
Hope your week-end was wonderful!

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A Thing for Roses said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi. I'm so looking forward to meeting you at Farm Chicks! Can't believe we haven't met before, have we? Love all your rosey stuff and your website it awesome. Someday when I grow up, I hope to have a neat website like yours. Have a great week!