Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Whose House Is It Anyway??

The third day in our own little Puppy Kingdom. I spent the morning shopping for an adult size travel kennel and/or safespot crate for our little one. We had high winds and torrential rain today, so the adventure wasn't exactly like our fun escape for girls week-ends! A wonderful man from PetCo carried the mammoth crate out to the Suburban for me. He was soaked!! Tonight we are the proud owners of the large dog crate, two bags of cattle hooves (for cutting the second set of teeth), puppy treats for training purposes and 8 new chewy toys. What a pampered pup!
I had worked late last night on some new tags to list today. Maybe tomorrow or Wednesday! Snickers was interested in the everything I was working on. While I ran to the phone, she flipped my working tray and chewed my new tags to bits. Anyone interested in puppy punched tags? Very unique! So, the training program started tonight. It kills me to hear her cry in the crate, but we may have a big jump on potty training in just one evening. Thanks to our "Mom" the best golden retreiver breeder ever, Alice Brown, in Amboy Washington. Of course our baby is so incredibly intelligent.... smarter than us obviously!
Watch for the new non- pup punched tag sets! And, Wednesday will be the debut of my wonderful daughter's (daughter-in-law, but she feels like a much loved daughter) grocery shopping savings with coupons. She is incredible with coupons and saves their family thousands of dollars every year. She also saves some of her purchases to sell at a big garage sale in July where she rakes in the big bucks. Pam is the greatest! Check out her post!


English Cottage in Georgia said...

Oh, I sympathize - so hard to hear babies (furry or human) whining and crying.
What a silly question, "whose house is it?" LOL

Steph said...

Oh so cute! Our first week with our new pup was the hardest. She cried every nigh! But now I just tell her "It's time for bed" and she'll jump off the bed and go lay down in her crate.