Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Secret Garden

Discover a secret garden, a sacred place that refreshes your senses and feeds your soul. Whether purposefully planted - like grapevines carefully twisted along a white painted arbor - or tended by nature's hand - a colorful explosion of wildflowers in a forgotten field - you'll recognize your own by the little flutter you feel inside. A place that inspires new dreams and renews forgotten strengths.

Or does your own secret garden flourish indoors? A garden embroidered along the edge of a vintage linen tablecloth, or decorating the notepaper and envelopes you keep on your writing table. Romantic peach rosebuds encircling a china plate. French ribbon roses, and hand-built ceramic roses added to dresser drawers and empty table tops. A floral pattern on a vintage handkerchief. Fleur-de-lis carved into a white display shelf. A vintage needlepoint of pink stargazer lilies surrounded by burgundy roses. A garden of photographs and memories, sprinkled with tiny flowers.

Secret gardens, wherever they may lie, fill our days with sacred places and secret sanctuaries.


Graceful Rose said...

Karen and Eileen, I saw you in Romantic Homes this month. How exciting. Congratulations!

Feedsack Fantasy said...

Congrats! I love your writing today ... TTFN ~ Marydon