Monday, May 18, 2009


We had another wonderful Friday and Saturday together hunting for treasures for our upcoming Farm Chicks Antique Show. Are blessings showering on us from Heaven or what?
We did some local hunting on Friday, heading out to the countryside looking for barn sales. It was a beautiful day, our warmest this year so far. Made a few friends along the way too! This fluffly sheep and curious goat came running to greet us.... were they looking for food? Did we smell bad? No, antique lovers like us! We did find a great estate sale back in the city where a woman had an incredible collection of china candy plates with the handle. You may see some of them soon!!

We arrived in Olympia Washington later Friday night. Our driving motto is "It never hurts to turn around". Must have done that 15 times before we were able to find our hotel. They do need a sign and change the GPS address from where they used to reside! Crazy!! Both of us being great Sunday School girls, we do have a strange away from home goal. We are working our way through the casinos in Oregon and Washington close to our shopping destinations. $20 from each of us into the pot and away we go! We thought the Road Trip game was perfect for us! We had to fight our way onto the machine, but we were able to lose $8.00 from our pot. In all, we we were able to put $35 into our gas fund, very unusual for us!!
On our trip to southern Oregon, we discovered a special treat at Burger King... the icee float. It's delicious!! We allow ourselves to order a medium icee, freezy orangey float, BLENDED, when the circumstances dictate. Try one, you'll love it! Tastes just like a vintage Dreamsicle. Remember those?
More tomorrow on our second day of treasure hunting!


Rebecca said...

How come I wasn't invited to come with you? I'm a blast...promise!


Patricia said...

Love the way you gals pick up and take off on your adventures. I'm so jealous! Have fun, fun, fun on the whole jaunt.
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