Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Old Barns and Fond Memories

I love old barns, old farm buildings, big or small. Maybe it's the fond, old memories of being in my grandparents' barn in Minnesota... the rough smells of animals I had not lived around, cows, chickens and wild cats. My sister and I had to collect the eggs each morning, a scary job for little kids from the city. My grandpa would teach us how to make little canoes from birch bark and we would go to visit the Indian village where Grandpa had built the school, church and store for the tribe. The smells of coffee and wood burning stoves still takes me back to their farm home built with boards that Grandpa planed from the trees he felled on the property. Talking with my grandparents was difficult since they spoke Swedish with English mixed in. Pretty incredible when I look back now.

My grandfather was very artistic and musical, first chair violin in the Swedish Army orchestra, the music for the king. Maybe my love of photography came genetically from him. I hope to soon get some of my photos onto notecards and prints. Sometimes that drive from deep inside is impossible to turn off. My art, dedicated to my grandfather.


Marydon said...

There is nothing we enjoy more than to travel back country roads to enjoy the old barns & structures & outhouses that will be gone in another 50 to 75 years. Our g-children will never be able to enjoy the beauty & foundation this nation was built on structurally.

TY for sharing ... TTFN ~ Marydon

Rebecca said...

These sweet pictures remind me of traveling from Oklahoma to Nebraska. My hubby grew up in a tiny Swede Town called Gothenburg. Barns like this are scattered everywhere.

Love to you....Rebecca