Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our First Spring Show

We had to scramble to deliver our first Spring show yesterday, Brookhaven.
This is a photo of the old grange next door to the new grange where the show
is held every spring and fall. Lynette and her mom, the owners, do such a
great job of introducing the new spring colors in separate areas and vignettes
throughout the 2 floors of the building. It really does give the spirit a lift from
the gray and rainy days that don't seem to end here in the Pacific Northwest.
At least we don't have the flooding! Anyway, we took our dwindling antique
collection, our new paper line, our chocolate bunnies and chicks (big hit!) and
jewelry, so now we're crossing our fingers for great sales.

Remember to check our site for this week's Pink Friday sale! Marie Antoinette
with all of her style and grandeur.

Have a wonderful day!


Mary said...

I love this photo! Something about these old building that go straight to the heart of me! Congrats too on the weight loss, Whew Hoo! I got a old pair of jeans and zipped them (wonderful) I can't breathe but at least there zipped! Hugs Mary

Patricia said...

The old Grange is wonderful. So sad to see all these grand places falling into disrepair.
Hope you have a wonderful show, good luck.
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings