Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Spring is on the way! Yippee!! Flowers are starting to pop out, things are
looking greener, we are seeing blue sky now and then and the birds are just
now starting to sing. I feel the season of renewal entering my heart and soul.
Eileen and I are beginning new projects, even as she battles along with her
parents in her dad's fight with lung cancer. Weight seems like an idiotic
struggle in light of their fight. Both ultimately are a fight for health, for life.
My weight has gone up and down all week, up 2, down 3 over and over. I
decided to weigh every day now instead of once a week, to keep better record
and possibly better control since I am still at 9.5 pounds lost. Yesterday I
began working out on the treadmill and will add the free weights next week.
We'll see what happens. I am discouraged yet, like the beginning of Spring,
still full of hope and expectation for what is to come. We all have a fight to
sustain, keep up your hope and fight!

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Rebecca said...

Blessings to you both! Love to pop in for a visit...

This Post about weight/health really got to me. We are struggle with something and the older I get the entire weight thing bears down more on my shoulders than it does on my hips...

Thinking of you...