Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Nesting, isn't that the inate desire and responsibility of a woman? Feathering the
nest, creating a safe and beautiful home for our families, somewhere to find shelter,
comfort, security and most of all, love. This mama bird built her fortress in a cholla
cactus, thorny stickers supporting and protecting the nest from danger.

How incredibly symbolic is this ? We human mamas fight to build a sanctuary
for our most precious treasures...our family, keeping them safe from dangers
so frequently found in the world around us, asking for the hedge of thorns to
surround them in their journey through life. So much is reflected in nature.

God's Blessings,



Patricia said...

Love your post. We definitely are the nesters and I love that your birds found a safe spot, very symbolic.
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

English Cottage in Georgia said...

That has got to be one of the safest nests I have ever or will ever see.
Thanks for sharing such a fascinating find :-)

CathWren said...

There is absolutely nothing that compares to the sunlight in the American southwest. And the crisp clear blue of a southwestern sky, is simply breathtaking. What a stunning photo, makes me long for a visit.

I spend six hours at the gym each week, two hours x 3 days. It's so hard to tear myself away from all the other things I want to do. Stay focused and you will get there!