Thursday, March 19, 2009

One Of A Kinds for Pink Friday

One of a Kind Treasures Remember the days when we wanted to be like everyone else? We wanted to have the same clothes, same hairstyles, same.... everything. Only the very brave dared to be one of a kind. Sometimes it takes courage to say "I am different. I will be one of a kind." But over time, you discover that what makes a thing, or a person, unique is often the same thing that makes them beautiful. Taking chances, standing out, can make you a trend setter and everyone else followers. Join us for Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink, you can feel confident that many of your purchases are one of a kind. A piece of art that is unique in its own right, as original as you. You'll also find great sale prices in our Friday Flea Market category.
written by Joyce Lucas,
Founder of Make Mine Pink


English Cottage in Georgia said...

What a beautiful purse...yes, dare to be different.

zoe said...

Thats a lovely one!