Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Wow!! If there is chocolate around, count it G...O...N...E..!! Tha hormones are
raging and the diet has quickly slid downhill. 1.5 pounds gained this week. At first
I wasn't sure that I cared that I was making secret trips to stores where I wouldn't
be noticed buying just chocolate. Yes, I had cleared it all out of the house, all gone!
No stashes again, but I am hoping that I can ride this out and get back on track in a
day or two.

How easy it is to fall back into bad habits once we hope we have broken them. It is
very humbling and shows how strong an addictive spirit is and how weak my spirit is
without that special extra boost. Back to my devotions and self discipline gained
from the One who gives us strength.

Until next week! Be strong!



English Cottage in Georgia said...

Oh girl, I totally identify! The weight does not come off my 53 year old body, the way it did in my 20's and 30's :-(.
Best wishes on your continued endeavor :-).

Rebecca said...

Dear Karen...

I turned the big 50 last December and the only thing that continues to depress me about growing older is how HARD it is to drop a measely 10lbs without regaining it almost immediately.

You haven't failed unless you GIVE UP! I just don't think that is in your make-up. You are can do this!

Love to you...Rebecca

Jeanneoli said...

Why is it so much easier to gain than lose????

Tanza said...

Ooohhh best wishes to you, on your endeavor.. You can do it !!One day at a time.. You'll feel better the next..Wishing you a wonderfully, blessed day.. Keep on truckin'
hugs to you ~tea~

GEORGIA said...

Sweetie I am just like you....I can sniff out chocolate even if it is frozen!! It is my downfall and one I can't seem to control...not good for my weight and even worse for diabetes.
You will get back on track...YOU CAN DO IT!!

Pink Hugs!
Grandma G's