Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday: One Mission Accomplished

YES!! Finally, the plateau has been crossed and the downhill "climb" is back on track. 10 pounds finally lost. What a battle! The treadmill seems to have been the missing link for this part of the game. This week I will add the 3 pound weights. I have weaned myself off of Diet Coke and onto water flavored with the little Crystal Light packets that come in all different flavors. They are only 5 calories per packet and really have increased my water intake. I had a Diet Coke with a Southwest Chop salad for dinner tonight and it really didn't even taste good. Wow! I'm trying to remember to eat a protein bar in the afternoon with a piece of fruit and it really helps with the 4:00 binge, the one where you can't make it to dinner, or if you do, you just aren't hungry because you are full of junk. Yep. Biggest Loser is my new favorite show. My skinny husband goes upstairs to watch the other TV. But, he's happy for my new weight loss.
Talk to you next week!
God's Blessings

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