Monday, March 23, 2009

Puptates and Tags

It's Spring Break here this week, so no pre-school either. My grandson was able
to spend the night last night. We made our traditional "puptates" yesterday just
like we've done every visit since he was about 18 months old and coined the word
for cupcakes.

This visit the order was for double chocolate! So, we have chocolate batter
everywhere! But we sure had fun! It's great to have something special to
do together, just Nana and Jacen. Now I need to find something different to
do with his baby sister... and then the new baby arriving in May in Denver.
I do love being Nana, it's the greatest!

After trying to play Wii this morning, we decided to have a project making
paper products. Jacen made bats and spiders for himself and kitties for his
sister. I was able to get a few sweet birds on a branch and owls done. I love
making these tags for gift giving or sending notes to friends, a quick I Love
You or bookmarks. They can be hung anywhere.... like spiders and bats!!

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Tanza said...

How wonderful to have special Nana times.. They will always be cherished.. Yummy chocalate cupcakes and paper crafts, what could be more special ?! Sweet !!Have a happy day..hugs ~tea~