Thursday, March 19, 2009

Craft City in Tucson

Major emotional break through today, maybe in the last week. I have taken my
grandson's advice, even if he is only 4, and found the beauty here in Arizona. Yes,
there are many beautiful cactus here and desert flowers, and the blue skies in the
midst of winter and early spring and wonderful, the swimming pool is a relaxing
experience if you let yourself relax and the stars at night are a gift.

Today I looked at all of the crafting stations that I have set up since our company
departed. I have a quilt started for our new grandson arriving in late May. Our
son attended UNC at Chapel Hill and is a devoted Tar Heel fan. I found some UNC
fabric and am putting together a simple blanket for Hagen's cradle.

The beading station is in the most comfortable over-stuffed recliner. The beads are
finds from the trip that Eileen & I took to the Tucson Gem Show in early February.
Beading is such a therapeutic craft... so relaxing and creative. Just let those cares and
worries go, visualizing the finished product, the order of each bead to be strung. Fun!
Unfortunately, they are heavy and not good to travel with when weighing in for a

Oh, yes, the tagging station on the formal dining table. Paper, glue, glitter, stamps
and ribbons scattered within a hand's reach. Actually, this is looking pretty picked
up and organized. I found many supplies down here, so there will be lots to pack up
to take home.

The shipping department. How can we be without Priority Mail and all the packaging to go with it? Just my findings from some thrift store perusing.

Finally, the sun tan, inspiration station. There is never enough time at home to
catch up on reading and perusing the latest magazines. I usually save them for
the airplane and Tucson. And how often do you actually lay out in the sun, soaking
up the warmth and the rays. It will be another 3-4 months before we can unbundle,
put the umbrellas away and expect to see the sun for more than an hour a day. But
there is no where finer in the summer and fall.

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