Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wine Tasting at St. Emilion, Bordeau

The guys decided that this was the week-end to go wine tasting. Since I don't drink wine, this wasn't a great event for me, but the opportunity to take new photos was tempting. We left early, awaking to the autumn fog settled into the valley, following the Dordogne River below us. Beautiful start to the day.

St Emilion was our main stop. It is a medevil town set high on a hill, with a cathedral overlooking the valley. The guys and one of the girls took a wine tasting class and then on to the buying. This was such a scenic town. The streets were very narrow, cobblestoned and STEEP!

Of course many restaurants are needed to accompany the wine vending and tasting. Many had their menus wrutten on blackboards, in chalk. Very expensive too!

I enjoyed watching the mobs outside this macaroon and ice cream shop. Buyers of all nationalities and ages were eagerly eating the delicious mararoons and many flavored ice creams.

Many smaller shops were selling grape vine starts. I would have bought a few, but customs in the US would just throw them out. Great souvenir!

This was the incredible view from the plaza of the church. You could see for miles and almost all of the land is grape vines. The vivid greens are beautiful. Some of the leaves here are starting to turn crimson.

Grapes are planted as far as you can see. The perfectly straight rows and immaculately groomed vines are gorgeous. The ground underneath is a nightmare! Who would guess that some of the world's greatest wine would come from such rocky, gray soil? Amazing that anything could grow! Many of the vineyards have roses planted at the ends of the rows and fruit trees around the fields. This is to attract bees for pollination and also to flavor the grapes for the wines.

The most gorgeous and pampered fruit you will find! Harvest is only 10 days away!!

The steeple at the cathedral of St Emilion. Many of the vindyards have crosses and religious symbols at the head of the field to ask for heavenly blessings and safety for the fruit being grown. Grapes truly are the sole earning power of this region along with the tourists that come to partake of the juice and food.


Miss Magpie said...

Beautiful pictures, I wish I were there.

Kathie Truitt said...

With all that you've been through on this little adventure you might wanna think the "I don't drink wine" concept. Or maybe you just drink straight-up whiskey.