Monday, September 20, 2010

We Have Arrived at the Castle!

This is our incredible castle that we four couples will be staying in for 2 weeks. We three traveling girls arrived first. You should have heard the screaming in our car! Renting by international internet is a real shot in the dark, so we arrived not knowing exactly what we were getting into. The photos looked good, but you never know!! This was like a childhood dream come true.

This was our view from afar, after driving for almost 6 hours. It was magical to recognize the 14th century building that we had seen in photos sent over the internet. Isn't it amazing? Can't you imagine being a princess sitting high up in one of the many rooms, looking over the gorgeous green valley?

The views from every window were incredible. At this time of the year, the farmers have finished a second round of haying and are gettign ready for the massive grape harvest in 10-14 days. Everything is a lush green, although there are small signs of the season change. We are soaking up the sunshine, knowing that it is raining already at home.

Here is the master bedroom... isn't it incredible? The first night Sue and Gary had a friendly visit from a bat. The second night, Gary had taken a sleeping pill and was nearly comatose, in bed already. Sue opened the door to her room and there was a bat frenzy. Four or 5 bats were dipping, circling, swooshing through her room. Together we attempted to get them out the window. We were laughing so hard, we had to sit down to catch our breath. Using a broom and a mop (we didn't know that it was wet until it was too late) we managed to clear the room after 45 minutes. An experience that will never be forgotten!!

Another part of Sue's room, the chaise lounge near the little wall niche. The owner told us that u nder the flower pot was a hole that the knights used as a toilet. It drains to the outside of the castle. OMG!! Don't let the guys see or they will be trying it out! The bat window is behind the head of the chaise.

This is the fireplace in the dining room. The table seats our eight very comfortably. No fires though, it is still very warm outside. Centuries ago, this was the room that the knights used for sleeping quarters. Mats or straw were thrown on the floor and voila! you had wall to wall beds.

Every window has such an incredible view. I try to work on my tiny computer and my new photos on this desk, looking out over the valley. It is so tranquil and quiet. We are all feeling quite relaxed and peaceful. I am enjoying not driving every day. We 3 girls are missing home and our families, but not the day to day patterns of our lives. We have all been talking about how much better we feel with the lack of stress and necessary itineraries. Such is life.... or
C'est la vie!

Last, but never least, this is the wonderful swimming pool in the rear of the castle. Our group goal is to make it back to the pool by 3:00 every afternoon. It is fun to watch everyone reading, sleeping or Sue, painting outside. Even more fun is to watch the husbands becoming themselves
again. I think my husband has been the only one to be contacted by business on the phone and internet. Bummer. He seems to be able to ride over the bumps easily enough and get back to relaxing. We are all thanking God for so many blessings, realizing that this is true decadence and the trip of a lifetime.

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Kathie Truitt said...

Okay you all are taking me on a major emotional roller coaster. I cried over the Hertz excursion - seriously I have thought about it all weekend. And now I'm dying laughing over the castle, the 'romance' that ain't gonna happen for one couple because he's zonked out from a sleeping pill, and the bats? Please - y'all are wearing me out. I haven't had this kind of entertainment in years.