Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Walking the Streets of Gay Paris

Today was our first big day in Paris. The day was very cold and gray, never warming the entire day. We decided to just walk along the streets and look at shop windows since it was Monday and all of the museums and shops are closed. Sunday and Monday are the days that everyone takes off here. Who could resist this sweet little pink motor bike?

This is one of the old and beautiful apartment houses in our new neighborhood. I just love all of the black wrought iron and the flowers on balconies. The old stone work and stone sculpture is incredible too. We are really enjoying staying in an apartment and not a hotel. Makes us feel more of a part of a community than a tourist.

Our apartment is very close to the Eiffel Tower, within easy walking distance. This was our first peak. I am in love with this old structure. The graceful lines and interlacing threads of the iron cross bars remind me of a wonderful needlework piece. I plan to spend an hour, if we can find one, just sitting underneath her taking photos. We are amazed by the number of police everywhere in Paris. Truck loads of them at times, sitting in busy spots watching and waiting. This city is on high alert after the two recent bomb threats.

Today we just plain ran out of energy after walking for hours. We sat at a small cafe and had drinks and watched the evening traffic go by. Cokes, water and beers came to a mere $45. We had to laugh because there is no crying in Paris. Things are so expensive here, it's crazy! We did make a pact though, to sit every afternoon and have drinks in a sidewalk cafe to watch the world go by!

We loved this guy in his yellow dune buggy or whatever his vehicle was. He was having a ball! There are so many bikes, motorcycles and teeny, tiny cars here. We are continually amazed at the number of people here. Coming from a month in the countryside, and a lifetime in a small town, the number of people is overwhelming. I am, and always will be, a country girl at heart.

We sat down in time to watch the younger kids getting out of school and being picked up by moms and nannies. This boy was too little for school, but he had his own method of transportation!

The florists display their flowers out on the sidewalks until the rain and cold get to be too much. The flowers are gorgeous and really lift the spirits on a cold, grey day. Everyone seemed to be dressed in black, wearing scarves, boots, heavy coats and even gloves. I think they were just anxious to show off their winter finery!

Finally, the macaron maker's shop down the street. Tomorrow night we are cooking in and will have a macaron each with some ice cream. These macarons were incredible... their colors and the display. Just beautiful! They do have a way over here!!

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Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

*sigh* You are bringing back such good memories for me! Love the idea of staying in an apartment--and right in the middle of everything. Have a grand day. ; )