Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cherished Heirlooms

I love to surround myself with treasures from the past. They remind me of my favorite people, my favorite things, and especially my favorite moments in time. All of these memories have helped me become the woman I am today. I hope to pass some of these memories down to my own children, and their children too. Some will be by means of memories shared, and some will be treasured heirlooms from my past.

I've always kept a family album of old photographs, some are now yellowed with age. Some of the faces I remember from long ago. Others I think I only imagine remembering, from looking at them so many times. There are weddings and births, laughing voices and forever romances recorded in these images. They are moments that live on because I remember. One day, because my girls will remember too. There will be new photos added and new memories to share. But the memories will live on in the photos captured.

One of my most cherished pieces is Dad's old pocket watch. The hands of time are still moving, although a little slower than before. I remember him pulling the watch from his pocket so many times. The case rubbed smooth from use. A quilt that my mom started many years ago, the blocks intricately stitched and wrapped in tissue, now in a special box, waiting to be finished. Her fingers now lie still, but I remember the long chats we had while she stitched her beautiful designs. Having these treasures nearby makes me feel like she and Dad are still near.

Even the heirlooms and antiques I find at the flea market have special meaning for me. The old ornate frames, once holding a majestic oil painting, now hold family photos. One or two, fitted with mirrors and reflecting new memories within the walls of my home. A favorite collection of antique silver spoons, sitting out in a china spoon holder, each graceful design, elegantly unique.

A quilt, draped over a favorite chair, worn in spots with age, inspires me to imagine the garments the squares of fabric came from. When my own family comes for dinner, I set the table with my mother's favorite tablecloth and china, and as we share our meal, favorite childhood anecdotes and stories, entertain us all. It seems fitting to share my cherished memories with my children and grandchildren, while creating new ones of our own. I hope they will mingle together and continue to be passed down for generations to come.
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Written by: Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine

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