Thursday, September 2, 2010

England Day 2, English Cream Tea

Our wake up call was at 8:30 this morning, but when the call came, we all decided to pull the covers back up and sleep some more. ..... But until noon??! It was a long full day yesterday and then a 6 hour drive today with a few stops to get to our hotel in the Lake District in Grasmere by midnight. We had our first English cream tea for breakfast this afternoon. Just one taste at Peacock's and we were hooked for the rest of the trip. We also made it just in time, before the crowds!

We sat inside since all of the outside tables were taken. They have had rain here for last past 3 weeks, so everyone is enjoying the sunshine and the last few days of summer.

Peacock's was voted the best tearoom in all of England two years ago. We agreed! The decorating was wonderful with menus written on chalkboards, tea sets and cups hanging everywhere, many vintage prints and scrumptious jams for sale. Everything we dream of in the States.

This sweet chandelier was hanging in another tea shop. Delicate pink painted glass bobiches with clear crystals hanging everywhere. It was so cute! Would have loved to take it home for my grand daughter.

We had to cross a little bridge over a canal to get to Peacock's. Docked beside the canal sides were many small personal barges and boats. This was my favorite barge. All freshly painted and ready to go. No more ships for me for awhile!

Surrounding the many farms are beautiful stacked rock walls made from the slate type rocks that is found in the fields. The fences run for miles and from above, cut the fields into a gorgeous patchwork painting in greens and golds. From the fences sprout ferns and other little plants like this one, laying down spots and carpets of color scattered in the gray.

School has already started here and we found the primary classes being dismissed on our walk along the river and farm paths. All of them were on scooters.

This is the farm across the street from our hotel. It was just beautiful. With all of the rain here, the fields are a deep luscious green which this picture just can't show. Many of the farmers give permission for walking paths to be put through their farms so the public will have access to country hiking.
Another great day. We are all feeling very blessed to be here. Tomorrow we will visit William Wordsworth's home and Hill Top, the country getaway of Beatrix Potter, creative home to all of her stories from Peter Rabbit to Squirrel Nutkins.

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Wendy said...

Thank-you for taking time to share your adventures with us. I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful photos and reading about your day!