Friday, September 3, 2010

The Last Rose of Summer

As fall approaches, I love to take my mug of morning coffee outdoors and walk along the rose bushes. The same bushes that offered an abundance of roses during the summer are starting to show a little thinning, each needing their winter’s rest. The enchanting blooms beg the question “Will these be the last roses of summer?”It is no wonder roses are the favorite flowers of so many people, me included. Their delicate petals are stronger than they appear against the wind and sun, their scent intoxicating. Their beauty is unquestionable. Some need very little attention and yet grab all of our attention.

We seem to have a need to fill our homes with roses. Hand- painted roses pop up in pieces of furniture, framed as wall art, and even on our favorite wine goblets. We tuck antique tea cups featuring roses into unto what-not shelves. China cabinets are filled with our wedding sets, mine in blue roses, my sisters’ in pink roses. Curtains over our kitchen sinks have a delicate rose edging. Roses are woven into the damask linens we use to each day as we enjoy meals with our loved ones. A few roses pillows tucked here and there give a quick smile as we go about our fall nesting. A flickering candle fills the air with rose scents, and beautiful rose-shape soaps welcome out guests. Teas in rose flavors call us to sit by the fireplace and relax.

Roses lend themselves well to the fall decorating theme. The bright yellows will fit nicely into fall foliage bouquet. The wonderful black rose is perfect for the upcoming All Hallows’ Eve theme. Thanksgiving tables can be accented with fiery oranges. And when Christmas approaches, the red rose becomes the perfect flower for the season. The white rose welcomes the New Year. February brings the pink roses of love.But enough about that, for now I will walk among the bushes and enjoy today’s roses, knowing these may be the last roses of summer. But then again, maybe not, as the rose bushes love to offer a generous surprise and favor us with a few more blooms when we least expect it.

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Written by:
Sharon Wollman
Director of Community Relations at Make Mine

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Kathie Truitt said...

I, too am obsessed with roses. How sad that summer is coming to an end. I'm usually excited about the upcoming fall, but not so much this year.