Monday, September 13, 2010

An Emotional Visit... Normandy

"We will not forget, we will never forget the debt of infinite gratitude that we have incurred toward those who have given all for our liberty."
This is the inscription carved into the wall before you enter the memorial gardens, a quote from a French President. Please forgive my elemental translation.

The following photos show the Soldiers' Cemetery. Hundreds upon hundreds of white marble crosses, each placed in memory of one fallen soldier. It was a beautiful, peaceful yet a very sad place. Later in our trip, I will be able to visit the field of battle where my grandfather was injured in WWI, years later dying from his wounds.

What struck me at first sight, was that thought that each of these crosses also stood for a mother or wife who opened her door to receive a telegraph or a personal visit notifying her of a son or husband's death. My heart broke having 2 sons myself. I could only feel a part of what those women must have felt.

God bless those who fight for our freedom and the freedom of others. God bless those who love them.

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