Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Some days come with a bonus...a cherry on top if you will. Well, today was just such a day. We finished walking the CHA show and placed several orders which was a good accomplishment all by itself. Ordering at the end of a long day when the brain fog is thick is always a challenge! Our bonus came when we met up with Georgia of Grandma G's! Bless her heart for driving down to have diner with us! We know Georgia through the on line business network we all belong to Make Mine Pink. Georgia has the cutest vintage on line boutique! Do check it out!

I had the pleasure of meeting Georgia at the MMP Retreat in Virginia this past September, but Karen and Georgia had never met. What a hoot! We laughed and laughed till the restaurant was ready to close. I think we just about have Georgia convinced to hop on the plane with us to Tucson tomorrow! See you at the airport Georgia! What a hoot! I know, the picture is bad (sorry Georgia and Karen), but just focus on the cherry on top of those cute felted cupcakes! I love cherries!

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