Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Pansy's growing on the side of Mt. Etna in Sicily.

I am starting a new program called Weigh In Wednesday. One of my anticipations is loosing some pounds so I feel better about myself , increasing my self esteem and making my body image more acceptable, eventually pleasing. This morning was my first horrifying weigh-in. Tears came instantly when those 3 large numbers clicked into place. More than I have ever weighed. I was a svelte 130 lbs. in 1990, graduating from nursing school after 4 grueling years
of studying chemistry, microbiology, anatomy/physiology and finally patient care. Found my dream job in drug research and life was way good! In six months I was stricken with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, incredible aching in every muscle and sleeping up to 18 hours every day. Then the seizures started 2 Grand Mal where I was rushed to the hospital to stay for a week each time. I was having up to 40 seizures every day. I couldn't be left alone and I couldn't work being on the massive anti-convulsants. The only positive was an incredible appetite, eating things I had never had a taste for. The final conclusion.... 45 pounds in 6 weeks, lots of anti-convulsant drugs and still seizures. Things have quieted physically, but the weight still jumps up sporadically and unexpectedly.
This is my plea... are there others out there needing a friend, a supporter to walk down the weight loss trail.? I have 3 friends who are joining me on the yellow brick road of protein bars. We need your stories of encouragement, your low cal, good tasting recipes and some good old Atta girl! You can do it!
So in starting, I am Karen of Forget Me not Dreams. My anticipation for this year is a loss of 40-50 lbs, slowly at a pound per week. My goal is to do more exercise, so walking on the treadmill until the weather gets better here, lifting some light weights at first and some floor stretching and exercising. After this first week, I will let you know next Wednesday how the battle went and what I want to add or change. Meet me here and let me know how you did through this week.
My friend and I have joined www.healthylivingonline.com on iVillage. It seems to be a very good, well rounded program. Check it out.

Thanks for listening!


Pam said...

Hi Karen!

I'd love to join you! Haven't done much exercising since breaking a bone in my foot, but *hopefully* my boot will be off in another 2wks & I can start back into it.

I will start my w/i this week. Next week, I'll post if I'm up or down. I am on another board where we w/i on Fridays, so now I will have 2 goals to work towards in a week. :)

I REALLY need to start watching what I eat & start walking again. Slowly things will come together.

I'm looking forward to others joining, too. It's good to have people you need to be accountable to. Helps keep you on track! :)

Good luck this week!

Diane said...

Hi again
I have a recipe for a chocolate cake!
1 box of cake mix
1 can of coke
That's it!

Low fat cool whip!

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