Sunday, January 25, 2009

On The Road Again!

Willie Nelson may be the artist who made this country western song a hit, but it was my nephew who made it a favorite phrase in our family. When he was just little, he sang in his best monotone voice “on the road again, on the road agaiiiiin” for hours and hours upon end! Karen and I are singing that tune this week…yup, were on the road again! We are in Anaheim CA attending the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association Show) looking for supplies and new products for our handmade projects. It was a wild travel day! Three airports, two de-icings, and one dead run through the airport to catch a connecting flight and we are finally here. Too many flight delays to catch the show today, but we’ll have our shopping shoes on tomorrow! By the time we got here, checked in, moved to a new room because the internet signal was too week in the first one….we were starving. Have you ever eaten at a Buca di Beppo? Oh my, fantastic Italian! I’ve never eaten there when it was packed, but it was especially jammed with the show going on nearby. It was so noisy and fun! Sitting next to us was a group of 12 women all Scrappers here for the show. All food is served family style and passed. It was hilarious sitting next to them yelling at the top of the lungs “pass the Pizza” and “do you want any more salad down there”. Too funny!

Here’s a pick of one of our cute waiters and his funny shirt! A good time and great food…what more could you want! Ok, I’ll take a soft bed just about now too! Till tomorrow!
Eileen & Karen


Grandma G said...

OMG!! long are you in Anaheim? I LIVE IN ANAHEIM!! I will PM you...lets try to meet if you have the time!!

Grandma G's

lisa said...


Have a great time at the show. That restaurant sounds like lots of fun. Hope you can meet up with Georgia.


Roxie said...

Have fun you two. I would love to attend a show like that.
Wow! Meatballs as big as your head? Yum Yum!

Susan said...

Loved the waiter! My BFF and I always take pics with waiters!
Susan *dutchrose*

gail said...

Hi Eileen... I would love to attend CHA someday:) How fun. I hope you all have a great trip! I love Buco De Pepo .. Very good. Happy travels, may the crafty force be with you. :)

Marie said...

Hi Ellen,
Love your pics. That restaurant sounds like lots of fun. Have a great time at the show.

kath@retromantic antiques said...

Ahh the glamour of travel. Don't you just love it? k

Inka Thomas said...

Hey Eileen,
Wow..I love to travel and Anaheim is great. So much to do there. Hope yall enjoy the show and have some fun along the way. Thanks for sharing your trip.

Anonymous said...

Funny, remember that commercial...."that was one spicy meatball or that was one big meatball" hmmmm. I hope you are having fun.

Patricia said...

Sorry you had such a travel wearying day but glad you are safe and sound at your destination. Glad you had a good meal, and hopefully a good night's sleep. By now you must have had a few good hours of shopping in! Enjoy,
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

Shabby Shan said...

It sounds like ya'll are having a blast! I love Italian food!

Have fun!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! Yep... I"m totally jealous! I haven't been anywhere since the retreat. Have a great time you two.
bunny kisses,

Beloved Creations said...

i'd like to see a meatball as big as my head