Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Here it is, Weigh In Wednesday Week 2.
What a week it was! This morning I weighed in down 1.5 pounds from last week. Yesterday morning I was down 4 pounds. I have learned many things this week. #1, I'm not sure about the multiple weigh ins during the week. This week, it helped because I did learn a few things. #2, As a younger person, I had no palate for sweets, as a menopausal mama, I have chocolate rages. If you are in the way, like blocking the door to the room where the chocolate is hidden, you had best move! Nothing separates me from my hormones and chocolate. This week we had chocolate withdrawal. Not pretty, but a dash to the 'frig for a cold flavored water really worked. Yesterday was not so good, but 1 out of seven is a great improvement.
#3, Diet Coke is my enemy. Too much sodium and other bad stuff in it. I went to Diet Rite and the flavored water. I'm thinking that the initial 4 pound loss was from the switch, as last night I had the dreaded DC at a movie with my husband. Yes, a date night with my husband. Incredible.

So, I can chalk this week up in the success column as 1 pound/week is my anticipation. I learned by my own observation, no lectures, that I have to drink more water and stay away from the Diet Coke. Chocolate will still be in my future, unless I plan on jail time, but I will usually trade that out with flavored water or fruit. Eileen will be storing our little chocolate bar snowmen at her house unless you all find pity on us and buy them.

On to the next week. I will have my grandson with us all week in Tucson. We are all looking forward to the sun. Ken has bought him some little golf clubs and we have lots of plans for walking and swimming. Target and Walmart are special favorites for shopping. Should be fun!!


Cottage Flair said...

I just love going to the Atlanta Gift Mart. I always come back so excited and ready to roll. We found some great stuff. I was surprised at how few people seemed to be there compared to normal. I'm glad you had a good time. My sister lives there so we have a really nice time out to dinner each night. Can't wait to see what you found!

Diane said...

Hi there
My first time here! I am doing "weight wathcers" right now so it is good to find a KINDRED SPIRIT! I am a chocolaholic. There I said it! LOL! Anyways, weight watchers has some really good chocolate treats that keep me from cheating so bad. Not sure what you are doing but just wanted to tell ya.