Thursday, January 29, 2009


We finished our day at the CHA show yesterday, placing our last order before grabbing a taxi and our luggage to head to the airport. Long delays were in order for everyone with the weather calling the shots across the nation. Our day ended at 11:30 pm when we finished our 45 minute drive from the airport to our little house in Marana, AZ to await the start of the Gem Show in Tucson. Aren't we the jet setters?

Travel, and attending the trade shows in particular, really raises havoc with a healthy diet. I dreaded stepping on the scale this morning as we had a very hard time finding nutritious food during the day at the CHA show. The food was slop. And the week before I had been running with my grandson feeding him well, but not myself. Do you find that when you are tired, physically and mentally, just anything will do? I don't focus on getting the protein that I need for energy or keeping up with my fresh fruit. I checked my weight on Sunday at home before leaving for the airport again, and was so disappointed to see that I had gained back everything that I had worked so hard to lose. So this morning, it was very hard to step on that scale. BUT.... I have lost my original 4 pounds and an extra 1.5! Hormones, walking, or just good fortune being with a good friend on a girly escape? It sure wasn't the eating!! I will take the loss being grateful and thankful for another tiny step towards my big goal, and my first milestone met... 5 pounds lost.

See you next week on Wednesday! Have a week full of joy and realized blessings!



Rebecca said...

Dear Karen...

Thank you SO MUCH for visiting! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your BLOG and I'm going to list you as a favorite. There is so much out there and I dearly love other women who share their love of creating and FAITH with others.

Today...YOU BLESSED me my friend. Thank you more than ever for taking the time to write. I don't know how to "reply" to posts (emails) always says "No Reply-comment" or something like that. I still have MUCH to learn!

Blessings to you this very day...

Hugs, too...Rebecca

blushing rose said...

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Dianne Hadaway said...

YAY Karen! Congrats on the weight loss! How inspiring :)

I know you and Eileen had so much fun on your trip! You probably laughed off the weight! I will catch up with you on this journey and we can support and encourage each other along the way! Have another great week!