Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Another week has passed! I am always shocked at the way time zips by when I am busy and my mind is working overtime. Have you had a good week? I surely hope so! This morning I jumped on the scale,(not too hard!) expecting to have gained, and SHOCK!!, I have lost 2 pounds. The boys down here have been snacking big time and Nana was requested to make M & M cookies. I did. Mainly, I have tried to up my fruit intake and when I think I must participate in the snacking, I grab another flavored water and have that instead. Undoubtedly my exercise has increased, nothing organized, just chasing after a 4 year old. So, I am pleased. Nothing dramatic, just a slow, steady weight loss, but it is consistent.

On to another week of excitement! I will be returning home again, only to trade underwear and leave again after less than 48 hours. I see that being away from home is tons of fun, but makes it difficult to control eating patterns. This next trip I will have to pack some healthy snacks and really watch what I eat. I will not be near a scale on Wed., so Thursday will be Weigh In next week. Thank you for your support. I hope we can all work this healthy help program together!



Mary said...

Thanks so much for sharing!! I am going to kick up my program...more fruit..much More H20 (I forget to drink it) and walking!! You really encouraged me!


EileenandKaren@forgetmenotdreams said...

I bravely stepped on the scale this morning...the first time since I came back from my vacation. I'm a bouncer. I bounce up a two pounds, down three, up four, down know. This week I bounced down two pounds. Now, if I can just keep that downward bounce going! Way to go Karen!

Pam said...

Awesome job, Karen! That's great that you were able to lose ON vacation. That rarely happens! I'm about even from last week (even after huge splurges in Vegas over the weekend). I'll take it! I've been snacking on the wasabi & soy sauce almonds Merritt hooked me on! They are SO yummy and semi-good for you. I've also been drinking more flavored water. Glad to hear you are enjoying Jacen...we're so excited to see you guys tomorrow night!! :)