Tuesday, January 13, 2009


AWE! : reverent wonder tinged with fear inspired by the sublime.

I woke to see this incredible sunrise this morning! We haven't seen anything but gray, dingy skies for so long...snow, ice, rain, flooding... what a wonderful sight this was. It is so amazing how the sunlight can lift your emotions so much! Then to see this palate of the Creator's breath-taking colors, never to be truly reproduced by the human hand. The word is used so often, it has become trivialized, but this was truly awesome.

Have a wonderful day and create some of your own beauties,with your hands or in your heart!



Michelle (Shell) May said...

The beautiful promise of a new day. Gorgeous, just gorgeous!
bunny kisses,

Christine said...

Just gorgeous. We could use some of that where I live. We just have snow, snow, snow! And more coming.
It seems that gorgeous sunrise skipped right over Chicago and headed west. I'm so glad you shared this beautiful photo. It gives me hope! There is still a sun up there.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a beautiful photo!

The forecast here in Mukilteo, WA is for SUN today and a high temperature that could reach 50! No excuse for not walking and getting serious about losing weight. I realized that by trying to save time and gas by running errands after work that I'm getting home in the dark and by the time I put stuff away, it's time to start dinner, ... you know the drill. By then the good intentions are gone. Today I'm going to dash out during my 35 minute lunch to do one errand and park a block away. I'm hopeful about joining you for a weightloss report next week!
Karen S.