Friday, April 15, 2011

Road Trip Day Two - It's Raining It's Pouring!

What a wet....but wonderful day!  A quick Breakfast Burrito, a large Diet Coke and we were on our way! Karen and I really are in our element when we are junking. We love meeting new people and hearing their stories and seeing their passions. We have a few favorite stops that we try to hit first each year. One is Betty's house!

We met Betty last year and she showed us her wonderful vintage garden. You can see them here:  It was so fun to see her again and get acquainted with her Granddaughter Jackie! We love Betty's garage! She calls it her "Memory" garage. She has wonderful posters from places she's been and events she's attended.

We snapped a pic of this Route 66 sign which has special meaning to Betty this year! She and her sisters are going on a trip to follow Route 66 all the way by motor coach! Now that's a road trip! Have a great time and be safe Betty! Wish we were going with you!

 We enjoyed meeting Bobbie this year and hearing about her wonderful gardens and handmade leaf bowls.

She invited us to peek in her back yard....Wow! It was so gorgeous with just the right touches of vintage and whimsy. Can you see her amazing leaf bowls on the table? She uses real leaves to cast these bowls. Amazing!

 We loved these cute vintage ducks. Thanks Bobbie for sharing your gardening passion with us. What a truly special place.

 After a day of junking we are soaked most of the way through and glad to be back in a warm hotel room! We are praying for better weather tomorrow...but you know us...we'll have fun no matter what!
Eileen & Karen

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Jubilation Studios said...

Neat garden!
Good luck with rain... it is Oregon so don't hold your breath! Keep those raincoats just in case.