Saturday, April 17, 2010

Too Much Fun!

We had too much fun today! There is just nothing better than spending the day together, two friends doing our favorite thing....junking! A day of laughter, great finds and meeting the nicest people. Every year we try to find someone with an interesting story to tell, someone who we have an instant connection with. This year it is definitely Bette! We stopped at Bette's sweet little neighborhood, one of those cute little communities where the houses have character and charm. We parked the car for a quick escape, hurry before all the good stuff is gone! We laughed and laughed when we got back to the car and saw our great parking job! To funny! This became a theme as the day when on. Then we came to Bette's house and we new we'd hit pay dirt! As we were paying for our many purchases there, we began chatting with Bette and found out that she had once owned an Antique Store. She told us how exciting it was and how she had sat up in bed in the middle of the night when her store name came to her..."Past Tense"...her husband not quite sharing her middle of the night enthusiasm! The store is no longer open, but Bette still sales antiques at one of the Oregon coast best antique malls in Wheeler. Then, she took us in her magical backyard! Oh wow... what charm! Here is her darling potting bench! We just loved the vintage plates mounted behind the glass panes of the window. Everywhere we looked there was a charming accent. Look how she took enamel plates and lined her flower beds! And we loved her Rain Barrel! Too cute! Bette, thanks for sharing your sweet story with us and allowing us to enjoy your very special backyard. We feel like we have a new friend and kindred spirit to add to our Forget Me Not friends! We'll see you next year Bette!


Rebecca said...

Precious! I love those barrels!


Cottage Flair said...

I'm drooling ... I would love to take a road trip like that. What fun ... great pics. Good luck junking.

Cottage Flair said...
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